Recyclips for Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Taking Advantage of Loader Technology

Technology in loaders is advancing, allowing for increased production and easier operation at the construction site. This builds on the overall trend that construction equipment is bursting with tech innovations, opening up new opportunities for leveraging data in unique and beneficial ways.Read Full Story

Recycling all kinds of plastic waste: Lindner‘s tailor-made re-grinding line boosts output and growth for Winco Plastics

Winco Plastics, North Aurora, IL/USA, a subdivision of Winco Trading (is one of the largest full service plastic recycling companies in the Midwest with 30 years’ experience. After purchasing a Lindner re-grinding line including a Micromat Plus 2500 pre-shredding system and an LG 1500-800 grinder, Winco have significantly increased their plastics waste handling capacity, making them one of the fastest growing companies in their sector in 2016.Read Full Story


JCB Teleskid now the most awarded skid steer in history

Less than one year after its launch, the JCB Teleskid skid steer and compact track loader has won a sixth industry award for quality and innovation, making it the most awarded skid steer in history. The JCB Teleskid is the world’s first and only skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom, allowing it to lift higher and reach further than any skid steer on the market. It is also the only skid steer that can dig below ground level.Read Full Story

The Benefits of Rubber Mulch

You might think that putting fresh tires on your car or truck means the old set will end up in the dump. Thanks to some creative thinking on the part of entrepreneurs around the world, worn down tire tread isn’t the end of a tire’s life cycle. First implemented as padding on a handful of playgrounds, today, the use of rubber mulch has spread to an incredible degree.Read Full Story

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