Recyclips for Tuesday, December 12, 2017




The U.S.’s Most Commonly Recycled Material? Asphalt Pavements

Of all the materials recycled in the United States, nothing is recycled as consistently as asphalt pavement mixture. The latest survey of asphalt mix producers finds that more than 99 percent of the asphalt pavement material removed from roads and parking lots in 2016 was put back to productive use, primarily in new asphalt pavement mixtures.Read Full Story













Liebherr is partner for the construction of Europe’s biggest demolition excavator

The Swiss construction company, Aregger AG, chose Liebherr Machines Bulle S.A (Switzerland) as its partner for customising the hydraulics for the Europe’s biggest demolition excavator. Two Liebherr mining excavators served as the basis for this about 300 tonnes excavator. For more stability, the uppercarriage of an R9150 was combined with the larger undercarriage of an R9200. For even higher stability and more secure stability during demolition work, Aregger also had the undercarriage equipped with a hydraulically extendable track.Read Full Story


Rotochopper introduces RotoLink 2nd generation remote monitoring system

Rotochopper’s 2017 Demo Day featured the introduction of the RotoLink 2nd generation remote monitoring system with live connection to the grinder controller and Rotochopper Customer Service. Work in real-time with Rotochopper Customer Support to view machine settings and troubleshoot issues.Read Full Story














The Pre- and Post-Operation Equipment Inspection Checklist

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – old Ben Franklin wasn’t a heavy equipment operator or fleet manager, but he might as well have been when he first said those famous words. The following list leans on Franklin’s wisdom. By taking the following steps each day pre- and post-operation, equipment owners and operators will prevent bad things from happening before they turn into costly downtime events, and will ensure that fleet managers can address concerns in equipment health and upkeep at times throughout the day with the least impact on productivity.Read Full Story

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