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Recycle with Metso — sustainable solutions for metal and waste recycling

Featured solutions for scrap processing

Metso N-series™ recycling equipment is suitable especially for smaller and mid-market operators. The solidly engineered products offer many of the same features and benefits as the Metso Lindemann™ line of shears and balers and are fully supported by Metso’s global engineering and service teams.

The innovative Metso Shredder Drive Assistant (SDA) represents state-of-the-art technology designed to boost the performance of modern shredder plants, directly impacting the profitability and sustainability of shredder operations. The Metso SDA solution ensures maximum utilization of installed shredder capacity for Lindemann™ shredders. The system is available both as a retrofit solution and as an option for new machinery.

Metso has received encouraging feedback from customers who report that after installing the Metso SDA system, their scrap process performance has improved significantly. In the best test cases, the average output has increased by up to 2-digit percentage. Moreover, customers who have used Metso SDA were pleased to find that the return on investment was quicker than what they had expected.

“A customer in Europe has been using the SDA in their steel scrap plant. They noticed a reduction in the peaks, and the shredder performance was more constant and the FE output was better. The customer also experienced an increase in the throughput capacity with the SDA support,” explains Krischan Wolters, director of product management – metal recycling at Metso.

Through its ability to assess the situation, the sensor-based system monitors the processes and facilitates the work. The solution automates the process of feeding material into the shredder. By controlling the material infeed through an intelligent solution, the equipment is constantly producing at a high rate and at an optimized cost level.

Outstanding waste shredder solutions for various customer needs

Metso’s M&J™ pre-shredding technology for stationary and mobile waste processing is based on powerful and tailored knife designs and open cutting tables. These distinct technical advantages benefit customers who are looking for a robust high-capacity shredder for continuous use at a high run rate even with hard and abrasive materials.

Metso’s M&J wide range of single and double shaft fine-shredders handle a wide range of different materials and deliver a highly consistent and homogenous output, thus making them extremely suitable for alternative fuel production (RDF/SRF).

Metso is also launching Metso Metrics for waste recycling, a digital solution to further optimize shredder capacity, efficiency and reliability. Through remote data monitoring, Metso Metrics gives customers near real time access to their shredder’s performance and operational status. Optionally, Metso’s expert service can analyze the data and provide recommendations to further improve the shredders operation and reliability in the customers’ environment.


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