• Recognizing excellence in C&D

    Recognizing excellence in C&D
    CDRA Awards recognize the best in the industry, with nominations due by January 15, 2021.

    Applications for the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association Annual Awards program are now available. The awards are given to individuals and companies in C&D recycling who have made significant contributions to the industry. Nominations are due by January 15, 2021, and submission forms are available at https://cdrecycling.org/news/cdra-awards/. Below are descriptions of the different awards. Nominations are reviewed and winners determined by a committee of CDRA, and the awards are presented at C&D World, the association’s annual membership meeting, which is Monday, March 22, 2021 in Austin, Texas.
    C&D Hall of Fame
    The Construction & Demolition Recycling Hall of Fame honors those individuals whose careers have best served the industry and the CDRA. Recyclers and vendors are eligible for the reward. This institution honors those prominent leaders and pioneers in the Construction and Demolition recycling industry that have made extraordinary contributions to their community, both personally and professionally, and have earned the respect of the industry. It serves to recognize the achievements of those who have exemplified the importance of promoting and defending the environmentally sound recycling of Construction and Demolition material through innovative processes and have encouraged and supported others to build a career in the industry. Finally, the Construction & Demolition Recycling Hall of Fame recognizes leadership in advocating for environmentally sound practices with the regulating agencies and legislative bodies that govern waste regulations.
    Requirements for Candidates for the Hall of Fame:
    1. Candidates must exemplify leadership, defined as outstanding and enduring contributions to the success of the industry and to improving the processes, efficiencies and/or the human relations of the industry in an active capacity for a minimum of 10 years.
    2. Candidates’ business actions and personal behavior should demonstrate courageous thinking and actions as well as vision and innovation.
    3. Candidates can come from the industry as an owner, operator or vendor.
    CDRA Recycler of the Year
    The recycler of the year recognizes the individual or company that exemplifies excellence in the C&D industry. The award is meant to honor those Recycling Operations in the Construction and Demolition recycling industry who have made an extraordinary contribution to the industry through one or more of the following criteria:
    • Advancing business operations that result in increased recycling percentages
    • Developing novel methods of marketing and conducting business
    • Innovative practices in employer-employee relations
    • Ensuring safer operations
    • Protecting the environment
    • Developing industry standards
    CDRA Member of the Year
    The CDRA Member of the Year is presented to the board member or committee member who has most served the association in the previous year. The Member of the Year is selected by the CDRA president based on extraordinary service to the mission of the organization and the C&D recycling industry through the following criteria during the previous 12-month period:
    • Candidates must exemplify leadership, defined as outstanding and enduring contributions to the success of the association and to lending quantifiable contributions to the association.
    • Candidates must either serve on a CDRA Committee or the CDRA Board of Directors.
    Please direct any questions to info@cdrecycling.org; 866-758-4721.

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