RAM, Inc.’s enhanced blasting and explosives safety training (BEST) course 
adds deteriorated explosives safe handling instructions 

RAM, Inc.’s enhanced blasting and explosives safety training (BEST) course 
adds deteriorated explosives safe handling instructions 

RAM, Inc.’s 2020 enhanced BEST Course will be held at the South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City, SD, from Wednesday, Sept. 9 through Friday, Sept. 11. Building on a solid foundation of explosives regulatory, technology and application sessions, this year’s course features instructions on hazard recognition posed by deteriorated explosives. All course attendees receive 20 Continuing Education hours, an instructional tour of the Crazy Horse Memorial and a sightseeing tour of Mt. Rushmore.

The enhanced BEST Course is the premier continuing educational program for the advancement of safe handling of hazardous materials. “Hazard recognition, including those posed by deteriorated explosives, is paramount in creating a culture of safety at the workplace and our enhanced BEST Course is a great opportunity for companies to improve the recognition and handling of hazardous situations,” said Robert McClure, president of RAM, Inc., and BEST Course facilitator and instructor.

Attendees of all experience levels will draw value from RAM Inc.’s enhanced BEST Course. Taught by instructors with decades of practical experience in their respective fields, the course focuses on explosives safety and application, hazard recognition, accident prevention, regulation updates and new product introductions related to explosives and face profiling.

Those completing the 2020 enhanced BEST Course receive:
• Updated explosives regulations from BATFE, MSHA and the U.S. Department of Transportation
• Comprehensive safety instructions for commercial explosives and blasting
• Updates on electronic blasting systems and supporting technologies
• Instructions on how to correctly and safely handle deteriorated explosives
• 20 Continuing Education hours

The course is specifically designed for explosives engineers, drillers, field crews, safety personnel, D&B engineers and other industry professionals working with explosives. It assists attendees in complying with state and federal regulations. Enhanced BEST Course attendees receive a course completion certificate and manual with valuable information that can be used in the field.

Advanced registration discount opportunity
Attendees registering for the course before July 31, 2020, will receive an early registration discount. For more course and discount information and to register, visit www.ramets.com. Course topics will offer value to all professionals with varied experience levels, from individuals with decades in the field to those just entering the explosives industry.

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