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R900 impact crusher – High performance, compact dimensions & first-class customer service are strong reasons why invest in another Rockster crusher

Zeković Company, located in a small town of Žabljak, in a mountainous north-western part of Montenegro, has purchased a second Rockster R900 impact crusher. “Due to our business expansion, there has been a need for a second crusher. It was an easy decision to invest in another Rockster. Since 2009, our long-lasting relationship is more like family than business, plus the R900 is our ideal machine and does exactly what we need.”

: Crushing limestone with the Rockster R900 impact crusher from 0-500mm feeding size to 0-32mm final end-product.

Zeković Company is based in the middle of Durmitor mountain region, in the highest situated town in Balkan called Žabljak. As one of the largest construction companies in Montenegro, with around 40 employees, the firm’s main area of operation is building construction as well as maintenance and development of road infrastructure. The company has recently undertaken a large project of building a hotel in the middle of mountainous Durmitor on a 1,450m above sea level. The task does not only require a know-how but also the machinery that can handle such a workload. At this point, the CEO Lazar Zeković knew that investing in a new Rockster R900 with a screening system will meet his expectations, offer new business opportunities, and provide quality solutions.

Top customer service

 It was in 2009 when the company purchased their first R900 impactor and the reason why choose another Rockster crusher has nowt changed since – compact, easy to transport and first-class service. Due to a hard terrain and at times difficult roads on a high altitude, the importance of easy transport, fast loading and unloading time is of outmost pertinence. “I can load and unload the crusher in no time. With a remote radio controller, it feels like operating a toy. It is that simple”, says Zeković.

Service Technician and Eastern Europe Salesperson, Vojo Svraka always in action with full dedication for the customers.

Because of optimal transport dimensions and weight, there is no need for special transport permits, which keeps the transport costs to a minimum. When asked to comment on after sales and customer support Zekovic responded:” This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why we chose to stay with Rockster and how we have built such a strong relationship. Every question or any problem that we might have had, has been solved in no time. Vojo (Rockster Service Technician) has been servicing and maintaining the machine regularly, so we did not have any problems. We solved many issues over the phone. It has been very efficient and the fact that we can rely on Vojo means a lot.”

This is precisely why Zeković Company has invested in another Rockster R900 track-mounted impact crusher. This time with a screenbox and a return belt.

Better roads and growing tourism with a help of a new R900

Rockster parking spot on 1,450m above sea level-done! Loading, unloading and maneuvering the crusher with ease is one of the many Rockstar advantages that decreases down time and increases efficiency.

Concrete is one of the most needed products for Zeković Company and brand new R900 is the driving horse responsible for crushing limestone to meet the needs of concrete production. Limestone is processed with a feeding size of 0-500mm, and the end-product is 0-32mm. The final product is later screened into standard fractions of 0-4mm, 4-8mm, 8-16mm and 16-32mm. “Currently we are building a brand-new hotel in the middle of Durmitor and Rockster crusher is exactly the machine we know. We are also working on maintaining and improving few roads in the area because what’s the point of building a hotel when you cannot get to it,” says Zeković with a smile.

Flexible & Efficient with a Rockster Screening System

“Our first R900 was without a screenbox and return belt but the new one is equipped with a screening system that gives us enormous flexibility. It just makes a big difference. To be able to crush and screen in one pass and get a defined end-product enables us to expand our contract crushing business and offer our customers exactly what they need,” says Zekovic.

The screening system consists of the RS83, which is a strong, compact, and circular vibrating screen as well as the RB75 return belt. Both ensure optimal production of 100% defined end-product. Coupled with a low transport weight of only 28,6t, possibility to interchange crushing chambers from impact to jaw crusher within hours (The Original Rockster Duplex System), it simply presents an ideal solution for a variety of crushing and/or recycling projects.


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