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Purpose-built for waste and scrap applications

CASE Construction Equipment has introduced two all new crawler excavators to its D Series lineup: the CX290D material handler and CX290D scrap loader. With an operating weight of 72,100-pounds and lift capacities of up to 24,650-pounds, each purpose built model is designed specifically for use with grapples, magnets, shears and other attachments used in the scrap and waste industries, and offers several key features that fine tune the machines for material handling and scrap loading applications.

The CX290D material handler features a 177 HP Tier 4 Final engine, a hydraulically controlled elevating cab, longer arm and boom with optimized hydraulic circuits for improved attachment performance and reduced shock in the cab, as well as an electronic sensor driven anti-interference device that automatically prevents the grapple or other attachments from coming into contact with the machine’s structure during operation. The CX290D also features additional guarding on the cab and undercarriage designed to protect the operator and machine during tough waste and scrap handling applications. The scrap loader version features a gooseneck arm and a straight boom configuration for dedicated scrap loading applications.

Each D Series model is built to provide significant operational gains, including decreased cycle times, improved responsiveness and multifunctional controls, and greater fuel efficiency. An electronically controlled hydraulic pump and larger control and solenoid valves increase lifting capacities and improve responsiveness.

D Series models offer more standard features than previous CASE excavators, simplifying the buying process and making them extremely versatile and operator friendly. All CASE D Series excavators provide peace of mind and lower total cost of ownership through CASE ProCare™.

Maintenance free Tier 4 solution

The CASE CX290D models meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards through an innovative combination of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technologies, which helps maximize uptime and performance — all with minimal maintenance. There is no diesel particulate filter (DPF), no DPF regeneration or associated lifetime service costs. These technologies, combined with the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System, make the D Series the most powerful and efficient CASE excavators ever introduced.

Intelligent speed, power and efficiency

Faster cycle times are achieved through a new electronically controlled pump, a larger control valve and multiple sensors. These features combine with the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System and its four integrated control systems to make the best use of the machine’s hydraulic power and momentum, resulting in added strength and fuel efficiency.

The four systems that make up the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System are: Boom Economy Control (BEC), which reduces RPMs by using gravity during boom down and swing; Auto Economy Control (AEC), which lowers RPMs during idle and automatically shuts down the engine after a preset idle time; Swing Relief Control (SWC), which reduces hydraulic power at the swing start; and Spool Stroke Control (SSC), which adjusts hydraulic pressure during digs.

Using improvements to the Spool Stroke Control system, the CX290D material handler and scrap loader reuse hydraulic fluid whenever possible to automatically increase cycle times and efficiency. The operator experiences a more productive machine without losing the precision of the machine’s controls.

Robust design

The longer arm and boom of the material handler version and the gooseneck arm and straight boom of the scrap loader version have been designed for optimal performance in material handling and scrap loading applications. The undercarriage of both versions is built with thicker steel and features additional guarding to protect undercarriage components when working in rough scrap and waste handling environments.

Greater feature standardization

CASE D Series excavators now offer more standard features than any previous CASE crawler excavator. This includes oil sample ports for quick sampling of engine and hydraulic oils and an easy pattern selector for the operator’s preference of ISO or SAE controls. Each D Series machine features a fully adjustable operator station anchored by a standard heated air ride seat and joystick controls that allow for smooth performance.

The machines also feature best in class cab space, excellent visibility, and a pressurized and iso mounted cab that keeps noise and vibration down. A standard Bluetooth radio gives operators hands free functionality that further improves the operator experience. A standard rearview camera feeds a 7-inch widescreen monitor that also provides operators with real time access to important performance parameters, including fuel consumption, operating hours and machine information.

Light it up

Each machine is available with a new (optional) LED working light package that provides illumination similar to sunlight — and more than three times brighter than halogen — allowing contractors to work around the clock. The LED package includes six LED lights (two front, two rear and one on each side) and a side view camera.

CASE ProCare

All CASE D Series excavators are covered under CASE ProCare — a suite of product assurances that includes a three year Advanced CASE SiteWatch™ telematics subscription, a three year/3,000 hour full machine factory warranty, and a three year/3,000 hour planned maintenance contract. ProCare allows business owners to invest in new equipment while helping to make owning and operating costs predictable for the first three years of lease or ownership.

For more information on the CX290D models as well as the entire lineup of CASE D Series excavators, visit



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  1. My name is Ruben Ramirez a supervisor for the Solid Waste Division of the City of Bakersfield in California. I oversee a Greenwaste composting recycling facility. We have interest and may be looking to purchase a material handler in the future. If there a sales rep asigned to central vally or near Bakersfiled CA, Please give that person my information so that we can discuss details.


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