Proceq launches ultra wideband GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) in U.S.

Proceq is proud to announce the launch of the GPR Live in all U.S. markets. The instrument was designed and is manufactured in Switzerland by Proceq AG, world renowned for innovative testing solutions since 1954.

Proceq USA Sales and Marketing Manager Paul Siwek said, “We are very pleased that with the recent FCC sanctions we can now offer this instrument to our customers in the USA. Our clients will find the new Proceq GPR Live, featuring its advanced design and capabilities to be an ideal tool for the majority of GPR inspection of reinforced concrete structures.”

The ultra wideband GPR Live is the most cutting-edge Ground Penetrating Radar available today.

Proceq’s GPR Live utilizes steeped-frequency continuous-wave (SFCW) technology, never before used in structural GPR applications, to allow clearer and faster concrete inspection. SFCW benefits include:
• Frequency range: 0.9 to 3.5 GHz for structural concrete applications, eliminating the need to switch antennas for clear images of both shallow and deep areas
• Maximum peak power: 10 dB
• Maximum depth range: 28 inches (70 cm)
• Built-in live-wire detection feature
• Clear images of both shallow and deep areas
• Multiple measurement modes

Wireless connectivity and data processing

The GPR Live further improves the data collection process by wirelessly connecting to any iPad running iOS 9.0 or greater through the free Proceq GPR Live app. By connecting to a wireless device, results can be immediately viewed on a high-resolution touchscreen of up to 12.9 inches (iPad Pro), the largest GPR display in the industry. Through the app you can collect, analyze, and share data instantly, drastically reducing the total job time.

The Proceq GPR Live is incredibly user friendly. The portable scan car is tough, yet lightweight and portable. It is flight-safe and operates on 8 AA batteries (Alkaline or rechargeable). The wirelessly connected app has a user-friendly interface that makes creating notes and logging measurements, time, and location simpler than ever before. All information is automatically synchronized with your cloud account, allowing users to share data anytime, anywhere. The efficient design also includes accessories for accessing hard to reach areas. The GPR Live is easy for one person to operate, and will minimize both time and labor costs.

Proceq GPR Live: wide range of applications
• Structural integrity assessment
• As-built verification of new construction
• Investigation of concrete and masonry structures
• Hit prevention for drilling, coring, sawing
• Detection of rebar, voids, ducts, back walls, and live wires
• Assessment of asphalt and concrete layer thickness (slabs, roads, pavement)

The GPR Live is available for purchase or as a rental product, suiting a variety of customer needs.

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