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Prespan floor system launched by Northeast Precast

MILLVILLE, NJ — Northeast Precast, manufacturer of custom precast panels and systems, has announced the introduction of a new product: Prespan. The patented new flooring system features insulated precast floor planks for both residential and commercial projects.

“One of the best things about Prespan is that it allows for extra space to be constructed under the garage in the building stage of a project,” says Mark Gorgas, commercial division general manager for Northeast Precast. “This added space can be very valuable for anyone looking for extra storage space in the home or commercial building.

“The Prespan system eliminates the need for interior structural supports. The precast floor system leaves you with a complete open space with no columns or load bearing walls.”

According to Gorgas, Prespan allows builders to gain a clear span of the entire building to create a full basement or crawl space walls under the garage. The rigid product features less deflection and is 25 percent lighter compared to hollow core planks.

Being able to put a full basement under a garage is a big win for homeowners that dream of extra space,” says Gorgas. “According to the average national cost of building an addition is $41,891, with most homeowners spending between $21,001 and $64,817.

“Planning ahead by using the space under the garage is the most affordable space that you can add to your home. If the cost saving benefit of the added living space is not enough, the design flexibility will win you over.”
Northeast Precast’s Prespan floor plank system installs well with all concrete wall types. There are no manufacturing job size limitations. Northeast Precast’s efficient manufacturing processes allow for projects of all sizes.

About Northeast Precast

Northeast Precast is a state-of-the-art precast concrete manufacturer located in Millville, NJ that offers commercial products and residential foundation wall systems. In 2001 John Ruga started selling Superior Walls® in New Jersey and started precast manufacturing in 2004. Starting as only a Superior Walls franchise, the company diversified and became known as Northeast Precast, a leader in custom precast products. Today Northeast Precast continues to expand to meet the demands of the growing market thanks to a commitment to quality and unparalleled service. For more information visit


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