President Biden announces new actions to get more Americans vaccinated and slow the spread of the Delta Variant

The White House released its Fact Sheet regarding efforts to encourage vaccination for federal employees and federal contractors. This is not a vaccine mandate, and the relevant text is below. There are a lot of questions about what this means and how it will be implemented. The White House press briefing did little to expand on what was already announced in this Fact Sheet.
“Today, the President will announce that to help protect workers and their communities, every federal government employee and onsite contractor will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. Anyone who does not attest to being fully vaccinated will be required to wear a mask on the job no matter their geographic location, physically distance from all other employees and visitors, comply with a weekly or twice weekly screening testing requirement, and be subject to restrictions on official travel… President Biden is directing his team to take steps to apply similar standards to all federal contractors.”
The full fact sheet can be found here.

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