Pipeline capabilities from Vermeer

Hard-nosed and sure-footed

Time- and contractor-tested, Vermeer pipeline trenchers have cut through some of the world’s toughest landscapes. Built hard-nosed to power through abrasive rock and nimble enough to traverse mountain ranges, the Vermeer family of trenchers has been an invaluable asset on the pipeline for 50 years.

The TEC® Plus electronic control system communicates with multiple machine control modules for real-time performance data and advanced troubleshooting capabilities. On select models, an oscillating track frame allows the trencher to follow the ground’s contour ensuring a vertical trench on slopes up to 10 degrees.
A wireless remote control provides full operation functionality and is designed to be used in conditions such as working near a high wall or unloading/loading onto a trailer.

A cut above the rest
When the jobsite is remote, getting bedding or backfill material in and out can be almost impossible. Unlike excavation, Vermeer pipeline trenchers create even trench floors reducing the need for extra bedding.

Due to the boom cutting action, consistent-sized backfill is readily available — saving valuable time.

An elevating cab provides a view of the boom, trench and conveyor, allowing operators to adjust the trencher’s boom length to match jobsite requirements.

A hydrostatic transmission provides maximum power, high torque and is backed by an industry-leading five-year, 5000-hour extended care package.

Setting the standard
As the underground construction industry has evolved over the last 20 years, Vermeer has responded with an expanded drill lineup to better serve pipeline contractors. Recognizing the need for reliable equipment, Vermeer drills help make a real impact on productivity.

A self-contained design allows the drill to fit in tight right-of-ways and congested urban areas, while minimizing trucking and hauling expenses.

Common controls throughout the Vermeer Navigator® HDD drill lineup can decrease operator training time and allow for faster startups.

The commitment to low-speed, high-torque design helps operators to muscle through difficult ground conditions.

Master the subterrain
The longest shots and the most difficult ground conditions require a drill that can install the biggest pipe in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The Vermeer maxi rig lineup provides the power and performance that tough pipeline jobs require and it is supported by a Vermeer dealer network committed to helping you maximize jobsite productivity.

Hydraulic motor design allows for full torque and rotation simultaneously, which helps with productivity and efficiency. While the innovative rear lift design helps make setup easier, minimizing the amount of support equipment required allowing operators to set their drill rack at the preferred angle.

A split vise design features a front and rear removable module improving visibility down the drill stem and allowing ease-of-maintenance.

Maximize your drill time
It takes more than a drill to meet the challenges of pipeline jobsites. Reclaimers and high-pressure mud pumps help contractors reduce jobsite costs by recycling drilling fluid. On jobsites where large volumes of fluid are pumped each day, this family of support equipment allows you to spend more time drilling and less time hauling.

The high pressure mud pump delivers a consistent flow of drilling fluid that is vital to helping maximize productivity. To achieve premium performance in a variety of conditions, operators can select a linear or orbital shaker motion to improve recycling performance.

Spacious working decks on Vermeer reclaimers offer pallet storage space and convenient access to the mix hopper.

Maintaining your jobsite
Vermeer partners with two of the trenchless industry’s leading vacuum excavation systems manufacturers — Vac-Tron and McLaughlin — to provide the very best in waste disposal and site cleanup options.

As the challenges posed by regulations on pipeline jobsites grow, vacuum excavation systems offer invaluable ways to help keep your jobsite maintained, on schedule and profitable.

Low profile and practical design considerations make vacuum excavation systems an indispensable addition to your fleet. Hydraulically operated rear doors offer convenience and security which minimizes the possibility of waste leakage. A variety of capacity and mounting options are offered, allowing operators to choose the system best suited to the operation.

It takes more than a machine
Vermeer knows the toughest jobs require equally tough tools. Rely on the BORESTORE® HDD tooling and accessories warehouse team for the customized tooling solutions needed to take on the next pipeline challenge. Choose from a variety of trencher chains to cut through rocky conditions, and the selection of grinder screens helps maximize sizing versatility. Lighten the heavy lifting with the DECKHAND® Pipe Handling System by LaValley Industries — an intuitive system that reduces the need for ground personnel and increases jobsite efficiency.

For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit: Vermeer.com.

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