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Peter Vieveen appoints new president of North America Traffic

PORT COLBORNE, ON – North America Traffic Inc. (NAT), the industry leader in portable traffic control systems, has announced that its founder, Peter Vieveen, has retired as President of the Company.

Vieveen has led North America Traffic (formerly RC Flagman) since 1993, when he launched the world’s first AFAD (Automated Flagger Assistance Device) from his garage. NAT is now globally recognized as a leading industry innovator providing an extensive range of AFADs, portable traffic lights and warning signals. Vieveen will retain 100% ownership in the firm and will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.

Management of NAT has been turned over to Jordan Sherlock, succeeding Vieveen as President, Dave Cornish as Vice President of Operations and Angela Verde, Vice President of Sales. According to Vieveen, “Over the past five years, this team has played crucial roles in our continuous development and has guided North America Traffic to new heights. They are now well prepared to carry on the management and values of our company.”

Building on Vieveen’s field experience in the construction industry, NAT has been instrumental in the emergence of highly portable, highly reliable equipment for short-term and long-term traffic control needs. An early adopter of solar charged, battery powered signals, NAT is also recognized for developing versatile, easy-to-use programming for varied applications.

“Our overriding goal has always been to help keep road and construction crews out of harm’s way,” Vieveen says. “Now, with a great line of products and a wide-reaching distribution network, I can look back proudly at all we’ve done to improve jobsite safety.”

For more information about North America Traffic products and services, contact:

North America Traffic

7 Petersburg Circle

Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V5



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