• PavementGroup.com: An industry-leading supplier of paving related items

    PavementGroup.com: An industry-leading supplier of paving related items

    by Jon M. Casey

    For aggregate producers, paving contractors, asphalt plant operators and asphalt material recyclers who are looking to buy new or quality used equipment, PavementGroup.com of Albany, NY, has developed into an industry-leading supplier of paving related items.  They offer everything for that sector from complete asphalt plants, pugmills, RCC plants and crushers down to job-specific items like crack sealing kettles, infrared asphalt heaters, tack distributors, recyclers, routers and the more. An additional service offered by PavementGroup is consignment selling. According to Mark Reeves, company founder, customers downsizing their fleet or simply wanting to sell a piece of equipment may find consigning with PavementGroup an ideal resource. Reeves noted, “We offer a zero-cost solution to our consignors. Besides consignment we buy and sell a lot of used equipment. Our quality standards are rigorous, so we created our PavementGroup Certified Pre-Owned Program which includes a 90-day parts warranty.”


    Reeves recalled how his company evolved from a small driveway sealing company into a worldwide equipment supplier. “We began while I was still in college at Siena College in Loudonville, NY,” he said. “I started Siena Sealers, a driveway sealing company. As time passed and equipment sales increased, we began to phase out the paving and pavement service side. Since 2002, PavementGroup has been an equipment supplier exclusively.” 

    Pugmill mixers and cold feed bins

    Turning his attention to the company’s new equipment lines, Reeves said their pugmill mixer sales have catapulted the company. “Our products are high-quality but they’re also affordable and our turn-around time is 6-8 weeks, so customers can receive our systems quickly. We sold a 3-bin cold feed to QUICKRETE® last fall — they liked our price and they’ve been super satisfied with its performance,” Reeves said. “It’s that combination of quality, low price and quick delivery that’s really propelled our growth. Many of our pugmills are used by our customers to produce cold mix asphalt. It saves them a fortune.” Reeves said that Jennings County, IN, dropped their asphalt cost from $100 to $34/ton. “It’s been a huge cost saver. Asphalt Paving Systems, Gonzalez and Sons, Paul Reed Construction — they’re all making cold asphalt using slightly different recipes. Pugmill ownership equates to a tremendous advantage over competitors. It’s a homerun for them.”  

    Reeves continued, “Our pugmills have recently become very popular in the waste handling market, especially when used with our proprietary solidification product. We can dramatically reduce the cost of landfill disposal by reducing the cost of solidification material and reducing the material weight going into the landfill.” Reeves said their product works great with drilling mud tailings, oily sludge, waterway dredgings and even solid waste. “Our absorbant product is a market disrupter.”

    Roller compacted concrete  

    Reeves said his company is also moving into the RCC market with some potential game changing technology. He noted, “In the roller compacted concrete business, mobility costs can kill you, so we’ve created a system focused on efficiency.” Reeves credits Mike Egan, president of Road Profiles Inc., for providing PavementGroup’s engineering team with the proprietary concepts and technology. 

    Egan he was quick to point out, “PavementGroup is making inroads where other concrete equipment manufacturers have stalled. I had some proprietary ideas and Reeves’ team was able to integrate them. We’ve added decumulative bins that load from the ground, bombay cleanout doors on our pugmill and a pressurized water cleanout system. On the cement side, we have a portable horizontal silo that can be transported half-full of material. Mobilization and operational ease make it the most efficient system on the market. It sets their RCC system apart.” 

    Bill Cuerdon, executive director of American Concrete Pavement Association, NY Chapter, agrees that they’re onto something, “I’m excited with what PavementGroup plans to bring to the RCC market. They’ve integrated a 3-bin system and that gives contractors greater versatility with their mix designs. It’s much more efficient than a split bin which forces you to load from both sides,” Cuerdon said. “It’ll be a real game changer.” 

    Asphalt distributors and recyclers

    We asked Reeves about PavementGroup’s Skidpatcher-10A asphalt recycler and how it came to be. “Steve Fox of NiTech Corp approached us and asked if we’d like to take on a project building 25 skidsteer mounted asphalt recyclers for the U.S. Air Force’s SUPR KIT (Sustainment Pavement Repair Kit).” The Skidpatcher is a skidsteer mounted asphalt recycler that holds 750 lbs of millings or full gradation mix. Reeves added, “The Skidpatcher quick connects to your skidsteer and lets you zip to the repair site and back to get loaded. It’s versatile and requires only 15 minutes to heat mix to 320F.” There is also the Multipatcher, a tow-behind ½ ton recycler. 

    Reeves added, “These products are a great tool in the arsenal of a municipality or contractor filling potholes and looking for an affordable year-round hot mix plant for under 20K.” 

    NiTech company president Steve Fox said, “We went to PavementGroup because the Reeves brothers were uniquely qualified. They had experience with every asphalt recycler ever built. It’s been a fine collaboration.” Fox said NiTech manufactures pelletized asphalt and produces a full gradation mix for the USAF which is used on airfield runways. The material only requires heating.

    Reeves noted PavementGroup also manufactures Stratos asphalt distributor trailers — in capacities from 400 – 2,000 gallons — with a worldwide customer base. Reeves said, “Our Stratos distributors spray 35 different emulsions such as CRS-2P. They’re used mostly for chip sealing and waterproofing and occasionally for sealcoating.” Reeves said his company also sells chip spreaders for under $5,000 that hang from the back of a dump truck. 

    Company business development manager Joe McMahon reported that PavementGroup is on track to sell over 100 Stratos distributors in 2019, on top of the 150 currently in the field. McMahon is quick to point out that quality and pricing aren’t the only factors driving growth. McMahon emphasized, “We’re nimble! Customers wanted a 2,000-gallon unit, a 14’ spray bar and a remote control, so we added those options. Customers asked for a full-circulating spray bar and computer controls and that’s coming this year. Our Stratos 2000 is half the price of a Rosco or Etnyre.” McMahon exclaimed, “To win in business, you lead from the front!” I asked McMahon if he was boasting. “Yes, I am. We are having fun,” he said. 

    Used equipment

    In addition to PavementGroup’s extensive product line in the new equipment division, they currently have more than 200 used and refurbished pieces of pavement maintenance equipment. Reeves said the inventory includes things like asphalt/cement tanks, asphalt pavers, asphalt recyclers, crack sealing kettles, infrared heaters, hotboxes, crack sealing kettles and much more. “We have very nice Raytech and Poweray infrared heater trailers with hotboxes and 8 crack sealing kettles that need a home [at the time of this writing]. That is just one example of the extent of our equipment availability.”

    Reeves said he wants customers’ used equipment purchasing experience to be like no other. “We want them coming back. Our expert mechanics in the service shop do repair and maintenance on all kinds of equipment. They also provide a multi-point inspection on our used equipment line which ensures our used equipment is serviced fully and arrives ready to work. With our PavementGroup Certified Pre-Owned Program, we include a 90-day parts warranty for added peace of mind. 

    “Our mission has remained unchanged,” he concluded. “We strive to supply quality, affordable equipment, to offer excellent advice and know-how and to provide an overall experience that focuses on customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team at PavementGroup looks forward to serving and supporting our customers.” 

    For more information, visit them at: www.pavementgroup.com .

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