Paladin launches high-flow forestry disk mulcher

Paladin launches high-flow forestry disk mulcher

New FD60 Offers Quick, One-Step Solution for Felling, Mulching, and Stump-Grinding

PORTLAND, OR — STANLEY Infrastructure, the premier partner for industrial tools and attachments, recently announced that Paladin is offering a new High-Flow Forestry Disk Mulcher, the FD60. The skid steer attachment accomplishes felling, mulching, and stump-grinding in a quick, one-step process.

The FD60 maximizes up-time, minimizes service intervals, and withstands aggressive use in various conditions. Its design considerably reduces jamming risk and increases productivity at the jobsite, with a wide-angle intake and efficient drive system that rapidly recovers speed for maximum uptime. Equipped with a MulchPower™ Gauge, operators can see when maximum rotational energy is stored in the disk to hit trees with full strength capacity.

Designed to keep teeth sharp over time and provide maximum tool life, the FD60 comes with a Reinforced Debris Shovel that gets under keeping edge teeth out of the dirt. 100% QUADCO Teeth offer superior cutting performance and simple service, with identical teeth on top, bottom, edge, and interior cutting surfaces, while the perfectly balanced 100% Solid Machined QUADCO Disk integrates seamlessly into industry-best hydraulics.

Aggressive and durable hydraulics offer premium performance features, including:

  • Protection from unintentional debris damage like old fence wires, keeps components safe and instills operator confidence.
  • Zero-maintenance bearing housing that never needs to be greased.
  • Incredibly smooth ride from perfectly matched and balanced components.

“In conversation with our customers, we heard a lot of frustrations about jamming slowing them down and making their workdays unpredictable,” said Justin Perkins, Senior Product Manager at STANLEY Infrastructure. “We have solved this problem with the FD60, a seamless combination of sharp teeth, great hydraulics, and tons of power.”

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