Optimized and safer mine haulage assured with Reverse Assist

Optimized and safer mine haulage assured with Reverse Assist

TUCSON, AZ – Hexagon’s Mining division recently announced the introduction of HxGN MineOperate Reverse Assist, a high-precision positioning application that guides truck operators with the optimum reversing path. Reverse Assist completes the division’s Operator Assist product suite.

Inaccurate reversing maneuvers and costly collisions are perennial hazards for drivers backing into a loading position, a process known as “spotting.” The direct cost of inaccurate spotting can be thousands of dollars per shovel per day. Reverse Assist all but eliminates re-spotting.

Traditionally, mines utilized inefficient practices to guide truck operators, such as bucket spotting and single-side loading. This limited the production capacity of trucks and shovels.

By calculating a path and providing a truck operator with dynamic guidance along that path, Reverse Assist ensures operators position right the first time, without the need for shovel-bucket support. Reverse Assist keeps the mine running safely and smoothly, increasing shovel productivity, saving time and money.

“Optimizing the loading and unloading or dumping cycle is critical for mining operations,” said Head of Automation Fabien Kritter. “Reverse Assist simplifies complex operations, such as spotting, and is a true dual-loading enabler.

“Aside from productivity gains, Reverse Assist brings other benefits, such as shorter operator training and proper load distribution. It eliminates machine damage and inadvertent contact with the shovel, not to mention the risk of associated injuries.

“For mines balancing the need for cost efficiencies and safety, Reverse Assist is an important building block in that strategy.”

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