Offsetting rotor, Flexmix design boost operating safety and improve recycling performance of the new BOMAG RS 500 Recycler/Stabilizer

The new BOMAG RS 500 Recycler/Stabilizer features an exclusive offsetting rotor design to significantly boost operating flexibility and safety. With the capability of being shifted to either side of the machine, the up-cut rotor and housing assembly extend beyond the wheels’ edge. This allows for safe stabilization of soil slopes and asphalt recycling right up to the road’s edges without requiring the wheels to drive in marginal ground conditions.

Exclusive FLEXMIX technology on the new RS 500 machine gives operators unsurpassed control over reclaimed material gradation in road recycling applications. With FLEXMIX, three infinitely variable gradation bars can be adjusted to achieve the target material size setting with uniform results. The rotor hood crusher bar includes cutting teeth positioned in the opposite direction of material flow to improve material sizing and grinding efficiency.

Two planetary gears provide maximum torque for the rotor’s powerful and efficient hydraulic mechanical drive system on the RS 500 Recycler/Stabilizer. Continuously variable rotor speeds ranging from 100 to 180 rpm provide optimum mixing speed control matched to the application to lower tool and rotor wear, increasing machine uptime. The machine’s heavy weight rotor delivers maximum flywheel mass to easily recycle and stabilize the most demand applications at depths reaching up to 19.7-inches.

The new RS 500 features BOMAG’s quick change BRS 05 tooth holder system to reduce the time required for cutting tooth replacement. Designed specifically for stabilization and recycling applications, BRS 05 holders are constructed with high wear resistant steel and a positive tool connection for safe operation. A single tool change switch disables all machine functions and the rotor hood stays securely in position to increase tooth changing safety for service technicians. A standard onboard air compressor with connection port for air tools greatly facilitates daily maintenance and tooth replacement.

For moving this new recycler/stabilizer, a unique machine design improves transport efficiency and lowers transportation costs. The RS500’s height adjustable cab can be lowered for a total machine transport height of only 122-inches, so can be quickly moved from site to site using a low boy trailer. In conjunction with the adjustable cab design, a 99.6-inch machine width means no special permits are required for machine transport, further reducing long term costs.

The machine’s standard ROPS/FOPS cab offers comfortable, climate controlled operation and excellent all around visibility of the work area. The rotor’s centralized positioning offers milling to both the left and right machine sides, and the sliding operator’s station improves visibility to both machine edges. The seat also swivels 270 degrees to ergonomically position the operator for optimum visibility and fatigue-free operation. Large, overhanging glass surfaces extend to the cab floor, giving operators an excellent visibility for safely maneuvering the machine round the job site.

The RS 500 features a 510 hp Tier 4 Final/Stage IV diesel engine, offering abundant power for efficiently recycling the most demanding applications. Hood panels offer quick and convenient access to the radiator, filters and other engine service points. If necessary, the hood can be completely opened at the touch of a button, offering unimpeded access to the engine and components. The machine’s standard auto lube system consistently greases machine joints throughout operation to increase the recycler/stabilizer’s longevity and reduce daily maintenance time requirements. Large stowage areas offer convenient storage for wear parts transportation and are accessible from ground level for safety. For machine cleaning, the RS 500 also features a high pressurized cleaner with large water reservoir.

Optional injection systems increase the operating flexibility of the new BOMAG RS 500 Recycler/Stabilizer. Its available fully automatic water injection system with full graphic display efficiently adds the correct amount water to the soil in stabilization applications. For asphalt emulsion applications, the optional asphalt emulsion injection system features two microprocessor controlled pumps that operate independently of each other to ensure the precise material mixing.

The new RS 500 Recycler/Stabilizer will be on display in the BOMAG CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 Central Hall Exhibit No. 30610 in Las Vegas, Nev., March 7-11.

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