• OAIMA celebrates Aggregate and Minerals Awareness Week

    OAIMA celebrates Aggregate and Minerals Awareness Week

    The over 225-member companies of the Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA) celebrate “Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Awareness Week” by reminding all Ohioans that, “If it can’t be grown, it has to be mined.”

    OAIMA, Executive Director Patrick Jacomet, states, “Every year, during the 3rd full week in July, we celebrate and thank the men and women who produce the raw materials that we all depend upon, but mostly take for granted. Each Ohioan needs between 10 and 11 tons of crushed limestone or sand and gravel, mined locally here in Ohio every year. This aggregate is used in roads, bridges, schools, churches and hospitals and form the basic building blocks of our economy and our lifestyles. Local mines are an integral part of our lives, and we thank all who work to supply these critical materials that we all depend upon. If you drove on a road, crossed a bridge, walked on a sidewalk or shopped or dined in a building today, be sure to say, “Thank You” to your local mines and miners”.

    Celebrating its 101th year, The OAIMA represents over 225 companies including all the state’s mining operations (except coal) along with companies that supply goods and services to those operations. These commodities valued at over $1 Billion, include mostly construction materials, both natural and manmade, such as aggregates (sand, gravel, slag, crushed limestone, dolomite and sandstone), salt, clay, shale, gypsum, industrial sand, building stone, lime, cement and recycled concrete. Each year, every Ohioan uses about 22,000 lbs. of aggregates and minerals produced in Ohio. For more information visit www.oaima.org.

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