NYC DOB announces enforcement sweep construction sites across NYC

NYC DOB announces enforcement sweep construction sites across NYC

Department of Buildings Acting Commissioner Thomas Fariello, R.A. announced the deployment of more than 90 DOB inspectors throughout New York City to perform safety sweeps of construction sites, and educate workers about the importance of construction site safety. These construction inspectors, including those from the Department’s newly created Construction Safety Compliance and Construction Safety Enforcement Phone: 518-456-1134 Website: Download our AGC NYS Mobile App Today! 7 The Associated General Contractors of New York State 10 Airline Drive, Suite 203 Albany, N.Y. 12205 AGC NYS Newsletter April 25, 2019 units, the Cranes and Derricks Unit, the Scaffold Safety Unit, and the Special Operations Unit, will be deployed throughout the city to ensure that construction sites are safe for both workers and the public.

While performing these sweeps, DOB inspectors will issue enforcement actions if they observe safety violations, and shut down sites if they find serious safety lapses. This effort will hold accountable anyone in the construction industry who cuts corners at the expense of safety.

The following points are releveant for inspections moving forward:

• Every project will receive a complaint status. An inspector will be required to visit each site every 30 days to clear the complaint. Once cleared, a new complaint is generated and needs to be addressed within 30 days.

• All Former Best Squad inspectors have been moved to supervisory status and DOB hired 40 new inspectors If an inspector is going to write a violation, you can speak to his supervisor while he is on site to review or explain why the violation should not be issued.

• Do not offer any inspector a cup of coffee. The inspector will list it on their report. If more than once, an investigation will be made. The inspectors are instructed not to show any favoritism, preferential treatment or unprofessional social behavior.

DOB construction inspectors will be investigating work sites across the five boroughs for compliance with existing construction safety rules, ensuring that scaffold safety precautions are being followed, construction cranes are installed and used according to approved plans, C-hook suspended scaffolds are properly installed, and that appropriate fall protection systems are being utilized. During this sweep, they will be inspecting an estimated 5,000 construction sites. Work sites that are found to be unsafe for workers could face penalties of up to $25,000 for construction safety violations.

In an effort to increase safety on New York City construction sites over the last few years, DOB has quadrupled penalties for the most serious safety violations, added more than 250 additional inspectors to our ranks since 2015, required safety supervision for all major projects of four stories or greater, is implementing a first-ofits-kind safety training program for the city’s construction workforce, and is calling bad actors out publicly in monthly enforcement bulletins.

The Construction Safety Compliance (CSC) and Construction Safety Enforcement (CSE) units were created at the Department of Buildings in August 2018, as part of a larger reorganization of the Department’s enforcement branch. The CSC Unit is responsible for periodic inspections of active construction sites, reviewing construction site safety plans, and enforcing site safety training requirements set forth in Local Law 196 of 2017. The CSE Unit is responsible for performing emergency inspections, responding to construction safety-related complaints, performing follow-up inspections for previously issued violations and Stop Work Orders, and conducting regular sweeps of active job sites for construction safety compliance.

New Yorkers who observe unsafe conditions on a construction site are encouraged to let the Department know about it by submitting a complaint through 311. All complaints made to DOB are anonymous and will be inspected. For more information about construction site safety please visit the NYC DOB website.

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