NSSGA ready to work on bi-partisan infrastructure investment following SOTU

“The president encouraged Congress to set aside their politics and unite to repair bridges, roads and all of America’s outdated, overburdened and crumbling infrastructure. A collective commitment and bipartisan comprise are essential to finally making the much overdue and badly needed investment required if the U.S. is going to continue to be the strongest economy and the most secure nation in the world,” said National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association President and CEO Michael W. Johnson, IOM.

“NSSGA stands ready to work with those who understand that significant infrastructure investment is not just about restoring quality of life in the present but, equally if not more importantly, about insuring economic and national security for the future. Nations that would very much like to experience our prosperity, but do not necessarily share our values, are strategically investing in infrastructure in effort to gain a competitive advantage. The president and Congress must come together to do the same. The cost of continuing to do nothing is truly the only cost that is too much to bear,” Johnson said.

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