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Blasting licensure and certification training and examination

The next IDNR blasting licensure and certification training and examination session will occur on October 2-4, 2018, All individuals whose duties include the direct supervision of blasting operations at surface coal and non-coal mining operations are required to be licensed or certified. To obtain a blaster license or certificate, a person must provide an application to the Department and show proof of blaster training. Once the application is approved, the person must pass an examination administered by the Department.

Individuals may obtain the required training from colleges, consultants or representatives from explosives manufacturers. Training will be provided by the Department, at no charge, in conjunction with each examination. Training takes place October 2-4 with the examination on October 5th at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Mines and Minerals Explosives and Aggregate Division located at 503 E. Main in Benton, IL. Although this is the second of two examinations scheduled for the calendar year of 2018, the Department will continue to offer additional examinations if a company or group of companies can put together at least 12 individuals. The date and location of additional training and examination sessions will be determined based upon the needs of the participants and the availability of Department training personnel. If you have any questions concerning the blaster license, certificate training or examination please contact Antony Lacey at (217) 494-8633 or email at or Angela Martin at . Maps will be provided to individuals scheduled to attend the sessions.


New IAAP membership division for clean construction or demolition debris (CCDD) & uncontaminated soil fill (USF) operator

The IAAP Board of Directors has unanimously approved the formation of a new membership division within the IAAP to ensure that IAAP has the resources necessary to adequately advocate on behalf of CCDD and clean fill operators, as well as the construction industry, on related issues into the future. The division will be overseen by a CCDD Division Board of Directors comprised of IAAP members. Companies operating CCDD and USF sites, as well as allied associations and trade unions, are invited to apply for membership and participate in our advocacy efforts.

As we have witnessed from recent unnecessary legislative attempts to mandate water monitoring at CCDD/clean fill sites, unjust regulatory actions, hostile legal actions and misleading media reports – the need for industry leadership and advocacy in relation to CCDD/clean fill issues is growing. Formation of the CCDD Division will provide us with the structure and resources necessary to adequately defend and improve this beneficial program.

All revenue generated from CCDD Division membership dues will be used to support our advocacy efforts by hiring lobbyists, attorneys, media consultants, etc. as determined necessary by the CCDD Division Board of Directors. The IAAP will absorb all administrative costs associated with the CCDD Division.

For current IAAP Producer or Associate members, membership in the CCDD Division is in addition to your IAAP membership. CCDD and USF facility operators that are not eligible for Producer or Associate membership are welcome to join the CCDD Division.
A membership application form is available here.

Learn more about clean construction & demolition debris disposal here.

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