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New Tunnel version of Epiroc SB hydraulic breakers offers longer lifetimes with lower operating costs

While incorporating the popular features of Epiroc’s market-leading Solid Body (SB) breaker range, the new SB 302 and SB 452 Tunnel versions provide application-specific modifications that extend equipment lifetime and reduce overall operating costs in underground applications.

Piston lifetime in the advanced Tunnel version is extended by a new piston in stainless steel, while bushing seat wear is minimized by a press-fit, one-piece bushing locked by an additional pin. An exchangeable wear plate protects the hammer body and heavy-duty retainer bars and a locking pin enhance durability.

The special tunneling tool with a collar supporting a robust front shield and dust cover minimizes the dust intake when working on overhead areas. Two restrictors are available which enable the performance of the hydraulic breaker to be adjusted for either traditional scaling operations or for more challenging rock breaking jobs.

The new Tunnel versions are suitable for excavators in the weight class from 4.5 to 13 tons (10,000 to 28,500 lbs) and standard underground scalers. Service weights are 315 kg (690 lbs) for the SB 302 and 450 kg (990 lbs) for the SB 452.
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