New Terex Bid-Well sidewalk paver features robust, self-contained design that can be mounted to multiple pavers

As more bridge standards specify multipurpose lanes to be an integral part of the structure’s design, Terex® Bid-Well offers its new sidewalk paver attachment, re-engineered to be more flexible and productive than ever. Powered by its own fuel efficient 14 hp engine, the new Terex Bid-Well sidewalk paver features a self-contained design, so the unit can be quickly mounted to virtually any Terex Bid-Well roller paver in the contractor’s fleet. Additionally, the lightweight attachment can be easily moved from paver to paver, reducing the need for multiple units and lowering the contractor’s capital equipment investment.

Offering simple, one worker operation, the ergonomic sidewalk paver significantly reduces the labor intensive handwork and extra laborers needed to pour multipurpose lanes, saving the company money. The hydraulically driven 6-inch diameter roller spins at variable speeds controlled by the operator reaching 200 rpm. Contractors can customize roller tube lengths from four to 12-feet to meet specific job site requirements.

Whereas previous sidewalk paver attachment versions required modification to the paver in order to deliver hydraulic power to the unit’s roller, the new Terex Bid-Well sidewalk paver operates under its own power, so it quickly attaches to the frame and is ready to pave. It’s unique, three tier frame hanging system allows the unit to be positioned anywhere on the paver’s frame for maximum flexibility. The mid-tier frame adjustment allows the paver to be positioned at the skew angle, and the hanger’s heavy duty design delivers a long service life. The lower tier of the hanging system affords fast and simple grade adjustments.

Easy to operate, the new sidewalk paver features two control levers for operation. One lever powers roller on/off and rolling speed, while the other handle controls forward/reverse roller movement. The powered unit offers effortless roller advancement to efficiently meter, finish and seal the concrete. The entire sidewalk paver assembly advances with paver movement.

The new Terex Bid-Well sidewalk paver can mounted to any Terex Bid-Well 2450, 3600 and 4800 roller pavers. More information Terex Bid-Well Paving Equipment can be found at

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