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New product selector from ALLU focuses on customers’ needs

Matching material with excavator/loading shovel and the right processing attachment can often be a tricky business. In order to simplify a complicated process, ALLU has developed a unique and interactive product selector enabling customers to match their requirement with the most suitable ALLU Transformer.

The ALLU Transformer is a hydraulic attachment for wheel loader, excavator, skid steer or similar equipment. The exciting and extensive range has been developed over many years to effectively make material processors’ lives easier and more productive.

The ALLU Transformer means that companies processing soil, sand, rubble and other materials no longer need to bring both a wheel loader/excavator and a crusher on site. Instead, the ALLU Transformer screens, crushes, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials thereby transforming the materials worked with.

ALLU technology quite literally transforms everything around it making businesses more productive, more environmentally friendly and more profitable. With versatility at its very core, the ALLU Transformer will process just about anything sent its way including construction debris, topsoil, excavated soil and contaminated soil, to clay, peat, bark, compost, bio-waste, milled asphalt, coal, oil shale and limestone.

The ALLU Transformer is technology, which redefines the way in which a business works. However, matching material and application to the most suitable ALLU Transformer can be a complicated task. There are many parameters to consider such as the size of the excavator/loading shovel, tonnage to be dealt with, required product size and the end use of the transformed material amongst many other factors.

In order to help you transform your operations we are proud to announce the launch of the New ALLU Product Selector. Through a portal available on the ALLU website, customers can match their base machine to the material they wish to process. When combined with the area of work, this will match the specific application to the most suitable ALLU Transformer.

To see how the Product Selector can match requirements to the ALLU Transformer, please visit:


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