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New knowledge hub for the quarrying industry: Sandvik launch Crushology portal

crushology-symbol1Sandvik Construction has launched a new web portal – “Crushology”. This has been developed to help quarry owners and operators get more from their equipment thereby improving operational productivity and economy.

The new Crushology web portal features a collection of practical tips, tricks, downloadable guides, articles, films and much more. It contains a wealth of helpful information on many aspects of quarry management, particularly crushing and screening.

Crushology removes uncertainty from process planning, replacing trial and error in quarry operations with a scientific approach. Through technology, experience and insight into the entire process, Sandvik aims to help implement predictable, measurable improvements – such as more truckloads of the valuable fractions and fewer piles of waste.

The new web portal shares the benefits of Sandvik’s many years of experience in quarries around the world. It contains articles on subjects such as getting the right CSS and feed into your crusher. Helpful downloadable guides covering such subjects as waste reduction, increasing value, and many more, are also included.

One of the highlights is the Crushology Live short film series. Here dynamic presenter Bruce Jackson with his informative and unusual approach, visits different operational sites to learn crushing and screening secrets from expert “Crushologists”.

“The Crushology web portal is a way for us to share valuable knowledge and insights with our customers. We want to help make their daily work easier, and give them measurable improvements. We will update the portal regularly, adding new content on a continuous basis to create a leading knowledge hub for the industry,” says Magnus Holst, Marketing Manager, Stationary Crushers & Screens, Sandvik Construction.

The knowledge hub may be found at:

Companies and individuals are invited and advised to sign up for the Crushology newsletter in order to get the latest updates.

For further information, please contact:

Magnus Holst
Marketing Manager
Stationary Crushing and Screening, Systems
Sandvik Construction
Office Phone: +46 40 40 6846
Mobile: +46 706 162749


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