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New KINSHOFER NOX-Tiltrotator Series offers advanced features for excavators

SANBORN, NY — KINSHOFER, one of the world’s leading sources of high-quality excavator and loader crane attachments, introduces the NOX-Tiltrotator Series. The attachments’ universal joint offers 360-degree continuous rotation and tilting angles of up to 2-by-55 degrees, the widest in the industry. The Tiltrotator features an elliptical piston rather than a cylinder, for a streamlined design and high-power performance in a variety of tight areas and applications, such as road construction, general construction and city snow removal. These features, paired with its easy serviceability make it one of the most advanced excavator tools on the market.

“We designed the NOX-Tiltrotators to enhance contractors’ productivity and ROI,” said Francois Martin, KINSHOFER North America general manager. “Because the attachments both rotate and tilt excavators don’t need to move much to access key areas, which saves significant time. This combined with the quick-change system and multiple attachment options, leads to high efficiency on a variety of jobsites.”

The advanced tilting function offers a significant advantage over competitive tiltrotators. KINSHOFER uses a patented, elliptical piston design rather than a cylinder, enabling high power and consistent performance at all angles.

The NOX-Tiltrotator’s cylinderless design provides a narrower tool than other manufacturers’ tiltrotators that often feature protruding cylinders. This means the tool can move more freely in tight spaces without hang-ups, enhancing efficiency. The tool’s compact design also makes it ideal for railway maintenance as it enables operators to easily pick up items close to the tracks.

In addition, because the attachment can accomplish a lot with minimal excavator movement, the NOX-Tiltrotator significantly reduces turf damage, making it an ideal solution for landscaping applications. When paired with a narrow bucket, the attachment can access small, deep canals and even under and between existing tubes. The attachment is also ideal for slopes as its ability to grade at an angle improves productivity compared to top-to-bottom grading, which requires moving machinery.

The unit’s minimal service requirements limit downtime. Unlike competitive units that require greasing as many as nine points, the NOX-Tiltrotator has only two greasing points. In addition, because the attachment has no cylinders, it has fewer wear parts and is easy to set up. Its integrated hydraulic system provides ample protection for the industrial valves, increasing equipment longevity.

An optional electric swivel is available with integrated sensors for 2D/3D excavating systems. KINSHOFER also offers a gripper, which mounts to the tiltrotator to easily grasp and position posts, tubes, rods, pallets, rocks and sewer covers.

Excavator operators use dual joysticks to operate the smart NOXPROP control system. Proportional solenoid valves that run simultaneously ensure safe and precise movements. The control system can be configured for individual operators through the KINSHOFER-App for laptops, tablets and smartphones.


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