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New Hampshire’s Buy America Law keeps taxpayer money, jobs in the U.S.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu today signed Buy American legislation into law during a visit to AISC-member Capone Iron Corporation North Woods, Inc.’s fabrication facility in Berlin, NH. The new regulations require the use of American contractors and products on state-funded construction projects.

“New Hampshire’s Buy American law is a win for steel fabricators who have too long suffered from unfair foreign competition,” said American Institute of Steel Construction Director of Government Relations and Sustainability Max Puchtel. “And beyond New England, the law signals a movement among our elected leaders to commit to spend tax dollars domestically. The American structural steel industry is ready and capable of delivering for our great steel bridges, critical infrastructure projects, and iconic skylines.”
Governor Christopher T. Sununu

More than two dozen states have now taken action to keep American taxpayer money in America’s own economy instead of sending it overseas.

The American Institute of Steel Construction urges other states to follow suit.
Domestic procurement for public infrastructure projects keeps taxpayer money in the American economy, employing skilled American workers who invest in their own communities to multiply the economic benefits. The domestic structural steel industry has enough capacity to meet all of the industry’s needs today, and it continues to grow to ensure it meets tomorrow’s needs, as well.
Domestic procurement is also the responsible choice for sustainable design and construction. American-made structural steel beams are 93% recycled, 100% recyclable, and are made with pure electricity. Foreign steel can have as much as three times the global warming impact. Visit to learn more.


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