New generation BOMAG BW 124-5 series of single drum rollers climb steep grades, provide intuitive compaction control

RIDGEWAY, SC — BOMAG introduces a new generation of the compact BW 124-5 single drum vibratory roller series, available in both smooth (BW 124 DH-5) and padfoot (BW 124 PDH-5) drum configurations. With their 47.2-in (1,199-mm) drum width and tight turning radius of just 88.2-in (2,240 mm), these new compact single drum rollers are ideal for granular and cohesive soil compaction on congested jobsite applications such as backfill, landscaping, trench work or pipeline construction. They are the only single drum rollers in the weight class to feature dual pump drive, which allow them to climb up to 55 percent grades.

The intuitive BOMAG ECONOMIZER compaction measurement system now available for the BW 124-5 series roller offers a higher level of compaction control not available on prior models. The cost-effective ECONOMIZER alerts operators of soil compaction progress, reducing passes and saving time and money. It requires no calibration to reliably deliver real-time compaction progress. As the degree of compaction increases, the more LED lights on the ECONOMIZER light strip illuminate and indicate when optimum compaction is achieved. The system also warns operators of potential over-compaction as well as allows for the identification of “soft” spots in the material.
A new-style ROPS/FOPS structure advances safe operation of the BW 124-5 series roller. The new 4-post structure safeguards the operator from machine roll-over and falling object situations. This new design enhances the operator’s 360-degree view around the machine.

A new, simplified method for controlling the optional leveling blade replaces the previous foot pedal with a multifunctional travel lever at the operator’s fingertips for blade movements. The blade features standard up/down function with available float position or tilt function. The flexible blade options expand the range of applications for the BW 124-5 series roller to include material distribution, profiling and leveling, all commonplace in construction and landscaping applications.

The 46-hp (34.3 kW) water-cooled diesel engine now powering the BOMAG BW 124-5 series meets stringent Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions standards. The smooth drum BW 124 DH-5 offers a 0.67-in (17-mm) amplitude, while the padfoot BW 124 PDH-5 a 0.63-in (16-mm) amplitude, to match drum vibration and compaction to the material. With its compaction flexibility, high tractive effort and compact design, the BOMAG BW 124-5 single drum roller series delivers high-quality, cost-effective compaction.

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