• New from Fisher

    New from Fisher

    Heavy-Duty XV2™ V-Plow

    Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of FISHER® snow removal and ice control equipment, revealed the new 10’6” Heavy-Duty XV2™ V-plow at the 2019 NTEA Work Truck Show®. The new model measures 10’6” wide and is constructed with four vertical ribs and 12 exclusive x-bracing ribs that provide structural integrity and torsional strength. The flared wings soar from a 35” center height up to 45” at the outer edges to help bust through big drifts, carry more snow and windrow wide-open areas.

    The new 10’6” model has a larger center snow control, a new T-frame that uses a solid, one-piece construction and includes integrated blade angle stops and an oscillating pivot bar.

    Other features include a trip-edge design to get over bumps and hidden obstacles whether in V, scoop or straight-blade configuration – helping to protect the plow, the truck and the operator. InstaLock double-acting cylinders allow the operator to lock the wings together when using the V-plow in straight blade mode and hold the wings firmly in place for clean, efficient back dragging.

    The 10’6” XV2 V-plow is available with the option to choose between the new FISHER INTENSIFIRE™ LED headlamps with EdgeView™ Technology or the existing INTENSIFIRE dual-halogen headlamps. The LED headlamps feature exclusive EdgeView Technology, providing a full 180º of light visibility from plow edge to plow edge for the best all-around view of the plow’s operating environment.

    “Our customers love the XV2 V-plow and have been asking for a larger model for their larger trucks,” said Fisher Engineering Product Manager Tyler Jones. “The new 10’6” model will be a great addition to their fleets and help make their big trucks even more productive.”

    More information on the 10’6” XV2 V-plow and the INTENSIFIRE LED headlamps with EdgeView Technology is now available on FisherPlows.com.

    Steel trip-edge pusher plows

    Fisher Engineering also announced the launch of two new STORM BOXX™ pusher plow models at the 2019 NTEA Work Truck Show. These two new heavy-duty pusher plows are 8’ and 10’ wide and now come with a steel trip-edge for better scraping performance.

    Fisher Engineering conducted a voice-of-customer research study, which revealed that a steel trip-edge was one of the most sought-after features in pusher plow applications. The steel trip-edges on the new pushers are constructed with four extension springs and reinforced with two double ribs at the trip springs to handle large snow loads and stresses. Six vertical support ribs maximize bucket impact strength and structural integrity, while 10-gauge steel moldboards offer superior strength. The robust side support struts help provide protection for the wings against bending from hitting curbs or other accidental impact.

    Fisher Engineering will also offer interchangeable attachment plates with these plows, providing flexibility to attach the pushers to various types of equipment within a fleet. 

    The plows will be able to fit various machines, including:

    • 45+ hp skid steers (10’ plow may need 60+ hp in some cases)

    • 60+ hp wheel loaders and backhoes

    • 40+ hp tractors (10’ plow needs 50+ hp)

    “Our customers asked and we most certainly answered with these new STORM BOXX pusher plows,” said Jones. “The steel trip-edge and high-quality construction will lead to better plow performance in the most demanding conditions, giving our customers results that will make them proud.”

    The pusher plows measure 32.5” tall and they feature an optimized 63º angle of attack and new high-quality paint that holds up better against elements like salt and UV rays. A top-mounted, rubber back drag edge is available as an accessory and allows operators to pull snow away from loading docks, doors and other tight spaces.

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