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New Craig™ Boxer Bucket makes it Snow Easy

HH-WH-MR-15-3-Craig-Boxer8760One of the newer Craig™ Attachments on display at 2016’s Hard Hat Show in Syracuse was the WL-CBX Boxer Bucket. One of the first to purchase this bucket in the Northeast was the Town of Baldwinsville, NY. According to David Shaw, NE territory manager for Craig Manufacturing, they utilize the Boxer Bucket’s unique design for use in snow removal.

Originally designed for clearing leaves, brush and other light debris, the bucket opens and closes for easy gathering of material. This new attachment works by using hydraulically actuated side clamps that allow you to push debris into a pile and then close around it for easy loading.

The Craig Boxer Bucket comes with hydraulic valving for synchronized operation, which ensures that both sides open and close simultaneously. The valving will also enable the sides to self-correct should they ever get out of sync.

Available in three configurations, Craig Quik Key, OEM coupler and pin-on, the Craig Boxer Bucket also features a modular bolt on hook-up. This allows for the bucket to be adapted to other machines in your fleet—with the purchase of additional hook-ups.

The Boxer Bucket has a mechanical float that allows the bucket to follow the contours of uneven surfaces for efficiency of operation. If rigid scraping is required, the float feature is easily changed by moving the pins on the hook-up into the rigid position.

Designed for rough work, additional interior gussets and reinforcing have been installed to improve strength as well as Brinell 400 wear pads on the bottom to protect the bucket from wear in order to increase the overall life of the attachment. Serrated closures on the bucket are also made of Brinell 400 for strength and stability while grabbing large loads of lose material.

The WL-CBX also comes fitted with two replaceable bolt-on cutting edges that increase the wear life of the bucket’s edges. If ever needed, replacement edges are available through the Craig Customer Support Center or your dealer.


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