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New BOMAG BM 2200/75 cold mill built for power, production and efficiency

With its powerful 760.3 hp diesel engine, the new BOMAG BM 2200/75 delivers high performance milling of half-lane widths reaching 86.6-inches at precise milling depths of up to 13.8-inches. Offering range of quick change milling drums options and efficient transition of engine to milling power, this largest cold mill in the BOMAG product line is ideally suited for high performance applications such as major county roads, highways, interstates and airports.

Perfected over decades of design research and field experience, BOMAG’s unique BMS 15 milling tooth holder system delivers superior milling productivity with low wear to extended service life by up to 30 percent over other cutting systems. The base tooth holder features a maintenance free bolt-on design that does not require retightening to reduce service time. Featuring a low resistance profile, the tapered tooth retainer claw delivers more cutting power with less wear. When cutting tool changing is required, the holder’s quick change design requires approximately 25 percent of the time required to change a full set of teeth compared to conventional systems, increasing machine uptime availability.

Built with high quality hardened materials, the milling drums for the new BM 2200/75 feature optimized cutting tooth arrangement for high efficiency asphalt removal. The base section of the cutting tool holder is identical for all drums, giving contractors a lower cost for replacement parts. Material ejector plates boast a symmetrical design, so they can be rotated and used twice, cutting replacement costs in half. The drum’s heavily loaded edge cutter is protected by high performance hardened chromium carbide wear elements to increase service life, and easy access to the tool edge shortens the time for tooth exchange. With the machine’s quick change drum design, contractors can easily switch from the standard drum for general milling to a fine milling mandrel for close tooth spacing to the power drum for demanding applications.

The BM 2200/75 mill’s 35.4-inches wide inner and outer conveyer system quickly removes material from the cutting chamber at a flow rate of 285.5-square-foot-per-minute. The outer conveyor swivels 60 degrees left or right of center and discharges material at a height of 16.4-feet, allowing the mill to efficiently convey material to trucks positioned at either side of the machine. For machine transport, the conveyor hydraulically folds to reduce machine height and length, improving flexibility and ease of moving the mill from site to site.

An integrated service platform simplifies and significantly reduces the time for daily maintenance procedures, further improving machine uptime. All major service points, including the water system, air filter, cooling system and engine components are centralized for fast access, while high visibility markings help the technician to quickly locate machine service points The mill’s standard auxiliary one-cylinder engine provides supplemental power for refilling water tanks, cutting tooth replacement and machine cleaning, significantly reducing fuel consumption for these maintenance tasks. Accessed from ground level, large storage compartments allow for transporting tools and replacement parts.

Mounted on rubber isolation buffers, the operator platform design minimizes vibration feedback to the operator, ensuring a comfortable working environment. The rotor and platform’s central machine positioning gives the operator excellent view of both edges of the cutter housing and the entire working area to improve operating safety. The mill features an adjustable operator’s seat that slews and swivels 45 degrees for fatigue free machine operation. Logical gauge positioning and self-explanatory controls on the dash panels improve operator efficiency and allow new operators to quickly learn machine operation.

The new BOMAG BM 2200/75 mill’s 760.3 hp liquid cooled diesel engine meets stringent Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions standards. The four crawler mill features all crawler steering and crab walk and delivers a maximum working speed of 0- 229.7-feet-per-minute. Simple selection of three milling speeds – ECO/Torque, Universal and Speed — via a three stage switch offers excellent utilization of torque and power for higher productivity with reduced fuel consumption and less wear.


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