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Neustarr Equipment launches the Neuenhauser Targo 3000 Single Shaft Shredder at Waste Expo

The Targo 3000 is a universal single shaft shredder designed and built in Germany by Neuenhauser it expands the company products from star and trommel screens into the slow speed shredder market.

The unit features a 535 HP John Deere Tier IV engine with a three meter long shredder shaft that rotates at 31 rpm and is equipped with either 21 or 42 bolt on teeth plus a special “Root Buster” nine tooth shaft and is available as a wheel or track unit.

The different tooth configurations and an adjustable hydraulic comb mean the machine can be set up to process a variety of products including C&D, stumps, green waste, domestic and industrial waste.

One of the unique features of the Targo is the direct drive system. The shredder shaft is driven directly off the engine via V belts and a flywheel. This drive method ensures maximum energy transfer from the engine to the shredder shaft for maximum throughput at the lowest fuel consumption in comparison to hydraulic drive machines.

This BioPower setup with 42 teeth and the highly aggressive Root Buster package shaft setups are specifically tailored for wood waste, compost and mulch industries. Both of these setups have been designed to take the place of a high speed as the primary grinder. The benefits of using the Targo for the primary grinding are:
• Much lower fuel consumption and wear costs
• Less susceptible to catastrophic damage causes by metal contaminants
• No splitting of stumps or material preparation required
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