NAPA announces winners of National Awards for Excellence in Asphalt Paving

ORLANDO, FL — The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced today the winners of its 2016 Quality in Construction Award for excellence in construction of an asphalt pavement. The winning companies received their awards at a ceremony during the association’s 62nd Annual Meeting in Orlando. For 2016, 214 projects completed by 77 companies were honored with a Quality in Construction Award. Seventy-one of the projects were singled out for their use of sustainable construction practices, such as incorporating reclaimed and recycled materials, and using warm-mix asphalt. “The goal of every paving contractor is to build a high quality road — a road that meets and exceeds stringent performance requirements,” said 2016 NAPA Chairman Kevin Kelly. “Earning a Quality in Construction Award shows a strong commitment to quality from a contractor who measures their project against industry best practices. In earning this Quality in Construction Award, Granite Construction Co. has constructed a safe, quiet, smooth asphalt pavement.” Details on the winners and their projects, arranged alphabetically by state, follow: ALABAMA Dunn Construction Co. Inc. of Birmingham, AL. Contact at Dunn Construction Co. Inc., Harry Thomas, 205-592-3866, .


Tilcon Connecticut Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of New Britain, CT. Contact at Tilcon Connecticut Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., Rick Birge, 860-224-6027, .

  • Work on Interstate 95 in New London, CT. This mill and overlay project was logistically complicated; work was done at night, with the company maintaining traffic with detours around numerous on and off ramps. Structural concerns restricted milling and microsurfacing operations to one lane on the Gold Star Bridge. Tilcon Connecticut used six different pavement mixtures, including some warm mix asphalt.


Gray & Son Inc. of Timonium, MD. Contact at Gray & Son Inc., Peter Placke, 410-771-4311, .

  • Work on Maryland 138 in Monkton. Paving challenges on this narrow rural road included hills, curves, tight turns, steep dropoffs, low hanging tree branches, and power lines. By partnering with the State, Gray & Son kept the impact to local residents at a minmum. Although the narrow roadway and low vertical height clearance made the use of a material transfer vehicle difficult, the company used it when possible to produce a smooth asphalt road that met project specifications.
  • Work paving eleven roads in Carroll County, Maryland. Three roads required reclamation before the company placed a new asphalt base and surface course. For the other roads, Gray & Son milled the pavement from 4 to 6-inches, then used rollers of varying sizes (depending on the road’s width) to overlay the pavement. For one road, haul trucks had to backup half a mile over a winding road to get the hot mix asphalt to the paving site.


Brox Industries Inc. of Dracut, MA. Contact at Brox Industries Inc., Doug Perry, 978-454-9105, .

  • Work on Logan International Airport Terminal A taxilane and taxiways E and K. Scheduling was challenging due to weather, the project’s 27 phases, and the coordination of the milling, electrical,and paving contractors with airport operations. The company incorporated green practices in to the paving portion of the project, using mixes with 17.5 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) as well as warm mix asphalt (WMA) that reduced greenhouse emissions.

P.J. Keating Co., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of Lunenburg, MA. Contact at P.J. Keating Co., an Oldcastle Materials Co., Matthew Teto, 978-582-5219, .

  • Work on Interstate 495 in Franklin, MA. The project included the micro-milling of a 2.1 mile stretch of heavily traveled highway. The company used warm-mix asphalt in both the open-graded friction course and the Superpave surface course. At the request of the state DOT, the company worked at night to pave the northbound side of the highway before winter, completing the project on a tight time frame.
  • Work on the Kohl’s parking lot at the Taunton Depot Shopping Center in Taunton, MA. The company carefully phased the milling, paving, and striping work to deliver a smooth, high quality product with minimal inconvenience to store customers and employees.
  • Work on a parking lot for an order fulfillment center in Fall River, MA. The company began clearing the site in November 2015, placing almost half of the binder course in December 2015 to enable building construction during over the winter. The work was then completed the following year after the building construction of the order fulfillment center was completed.
  • Work on Martignetti Cos. Distribution Center in Tauton, MA. The project included clearing 30 acres, removing topsoil and existing utilities, and placing new drainage, water and sewer. The company processed boulders found onsite to help supply the gravel and aggregate required for the asphalt parking lot. P.J. Keating Co. placed half of the project’s asphalt tonnage in December so the building contractor could continue working over the winter.
  • Milling, overlay, and reconstruction of Massachusetts 140 in Princeton, MA. The company widened the roadway, replaced culverts, cleared trees, and relocated utility poles. P.J. Keating minimized the environmental impact of the project by using reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in all the asphalt mixes and by using warm mix asphalt, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Work on Interstate 95 in North Attleborough, MA. Scheduling was a challenge, since the project was close to two popular music venues. P.J. Keating used sustainable paving practices on the project, incorporating reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and ground tire rubber into the asphalt mixes to reduce the use of virgin materials. It also used warm mix asphalt (WMA) to limit the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Work on the overlay of the parking lot for Walmart in Raynham, MA. The company milled the existing pavement and replaced it with 2-inches of Superpave mix.
  • Work on Conlyn Avenue, Carmine Driver, and Antony Road in Franklin, MA. The company reconstructed the existing pavement using calcium injection, graded it, and then placed 4-inches of new pavement in two lifts. P.J. Keating worked closely with the town to minimize the inconvenience to the residents of the 100 homes in the neighborhood. It performed the bulk of the work in five days, completing the roads well before winter weather set in.

New Hampshire

Pike Industries Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of Belmont, NH. Contact at Pike Industries Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., Christian Zimmermann, 603-527-5100, .

  • Work on State Route 16 in Strafford County, NH. Challenges included night paving and the need to keep workers and motorists safe in an area notable for its inattentive drivers. The company milled and overlaid the road, minimizing traveling delays for the public while safely producing an excellent pavement that achieved great quality control results.
  • Work on State Route 113 in Orange County, Vt. This was a calcium chloride reclaim project with a cold mix base and also included some areas of mill and overlay. Work included new drainage, a railroad crossing reconstruction, and asphalt paving.
  • Work on 12 miles of State Route 6/16 in Milo, ME. Because the existing pavement’s subbase was in poor condition, Pike Industries had to reclaim the existing material in the subbase, remix it with a stabilizer, fine grade it and then place a hot mix asphalt overlay. The use of multiple subcontractors to perform the reclamation made project scheduling difficult.
  • Work on Interstate 95 in Kennebec County. Three different paving crews worked on the project,which was one of the largest milling and paving contracts in Maine for the last decade. Due to heavy traffic, the company built the road at night, working five to six days a week from June to October.

New Jersey

Tilcon New Jersey Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of Parsippany, NJ. Contact at Tilcon New Jersey Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., Karen Edgar, 973-888-7632, .

  • Work on various roads in Bergen County. The resurfacing project consisted of work at 22 locations in business and residential communities throughout several municipalities. Tilcon New Jersey worked closely with local and county officials to coordinate and carefully schedule work in the multiple locations.

The Walter R. Earle Corp. of Farmingdale, NJ. Contact at The Walter R. Earle Corp., John Paul Loebs, 732-308-1113, .

  • Work on commuter parking lot 8 at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. The existing lots had ruts and cracks as deep as 3 to 4-inches. The company milled two inches off the existing lot, installed 3 inches of base and then placed a 2-inch surface course. All work had to be done on weekends. The striper followed paver’s so the lot could be open and ready for traffic each week. Work on the intersection of U.S. 9 and Craig Road in Freehold, NJ. Despite multiple utility issues that delayed the project, the company was able to propose value engineering changes that allowed it to complete its work before the original completion date.

New York

Barrett Paving Materials Inc. of Liverpool, NY. Contact at Barrett Paving Materials Inc., Brian Farrell, 315-652-4585, .

  • Work on the access road and apron at the maintenance facility at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. The company had to ensure the road was accessible 24/7 to the airport’s maintenance equipment. When bad weather delayed the construction of the buildings, Barret Paving Materials devised a new schedule to complete its work while the other contractors were still onsite.

Contact at Barrett Paving Materials Inc., Frank Costanzo, 315-652-4585, .

  • Work on the second and third phases of East Genesee Street’s connective corridor in Syracuse, NY. The two year reconstruction job required coordination and compromising among all stakeholders to meet the project requirements. Delays in construction work, additional work items, and other issues made the project challenging.


Allan Myers of Malvern, PA. Contact at Allan Myers, Curtis Hall, 610-222-3183, .

  • Work on Interstate 95 in Harford County, MD. The company held monthly meetings with itssubcontractors and the Maryland Department of Transportation to alleviate any problems caused by a delay of almost a year in the project’s start. Allan Myers reduced the project’s environmental footprint by utilizing all the roadway millings as reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) for the new asphalt mixes and shoulders.

IA Construction Corp. of Franklin, PA. Contact at IA Construction Corp., Tom Jamieson, 814-432-3184, .

  • Work on State Route 68 in Clarion County. The company milled 4.26 miles of existing pavement and overlaid it with a surface course of smooth asphalt. With this work, IA Construction Corp. earned PennDOT’s award for the best project in its 10-0 District.
  • Work on State Route 62 in Oil City, PA. The company milled 6.4 miles of the road and then overlaid it with an asphalt surface mixture. IA’s construction engineer partnered with the PennDOT design to improve the cross slopes in the Superpave elevated area of this project.

Lindy Paving Inc. of New Galilee, PA. Contact at Lindy Paving Inc., Greg Tomon, 724-336-1400, .

  • Work on Interstate 376 in Pittsburgh, PA. The company’s crews worked nights and weekends to complete the mill and overlay project; all areas milled had to be resurfaced by end of each shift. Lindy Paving reduced the project’s environmental footprint by using reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in mixes, reducing the use of virgin materials.
  • Work on 3.5 miles of Interstate 76 in Allegheny County. The two year project included full depth roadway reconstruction and widening and replacement of three overhead bridges. To conserve natural resources the company rubbilized the existing concrete pavement to use as a subbase and incorporated reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) into other project mixes. Lindy Paving used a material transfer vehicle and three to four rollers in the paving train.
  • Work on State Route (SR) 18 in Monaca, PA. The project included the relocation of the road and ramps for SR 376, which required excavation, drainage improvements, and relocation of sanitary and water lines. Despite delays that shaved five months off the project schedule, Lindy Paving partnered with PennDOT and other interested parties to successfully complete SR 18 on time. The company used green paving techniques, incorporating reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) into the project’s asphalt mixes.

Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of Annville, PA. Contact at Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., Michael Sis, 717-867-7582, .

  • Work on State Route 30 in Lancaster County. Working at night, the company performed patching and shoulder restoration for milling and overlaying the western section of the project. The eastern section required only minor patching before the company applied an ultra-thin overlay. The company partnered with PennDOT to schedule work around another ongoing project in the area.
  • Work on State Route 501 in Lancaster County. Work included the mill and overlay of this road in the heart of Lititz Borough. The company worked at night to limit the impact and increase the safety of the motorists and pedestrians who frequent this shopping and dining area. PennsySupply built 80 new ADA compliant ramps, installed new signage, and performed paving work.

Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of Pittston, PA. Contact at Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., Steven L. Grimm, 570-602-4670, .

  • Work on State Route 106 in Hazelton, PA. The company used innovative green paving techniques on this mill and overlay project. It added new equipment to the plant so that it could use ground tire rubber (GTR) liquid asphalt in the road’s wearing course, providing excellent resistance to rutting and cracking. The company used reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) to conserve virgin aggregate and warm mix asphalt to reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Mill and overlay of 10 miles of I-80 in Columbia County. This was the first project in Pennsylvania that used stone matrix asphalt (SMA) as the wearing surface of the road without previously scratching and leveling the surface. The SMA mix contained rubber in the mix instead of fibers. Working at night in just a four day span, Pennsy Supply paved continuously.
  • Work on State Route 4008 in Schuylkill County. The company milled and overlaid the road, performing additional grading work to relieve area residents’ previous basement flooding problems. Pennsy Supply incorporated green paving techniques into the project, using reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled asphalt shingles (RAS) in the asphalt mixes.


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