Mourning the loss of SIR Joseph “Buddy” Gigliotti

It is with deepest sadness that AGC NYS informs you of the passing of SIR Joseph “Buddy” Gigliotti.
Buddy was a long-time member of the AGC NYS family a past President of the AGC NYS and an AGC of America National Director. He has long been one of our industry’s most respected leaders, and was counted as a friend and mentor to so many in our association, industry and beyond. He was a steadfast partner; ensuring that youth had an opportunity to serve and lead our proud organization while making certain that the veterans who offer a vast amount of knowledge and expertise remained active.

Buddy was a trusted advisor and confidant of some of the biggest names in politics and the construction industry and “opened doors” wherever he went. Buddy left a lasting impression on everyone he met, and you were hard pressed to find yourself in a place where Buddy didn’t know someone or someone didn’t know him. He always brought an unmatched passion for what AGC represents and a desire to work day in and day out to strengthen the construction industry as a whole while also continuing the fight for increased highway funding.
Joseph “Buddy” Gigliotti was an inspiration to so many in the AGC family and his passing is a loss that will long be felt by all of us. His contributions to our industry and AGC, which are far too many to list, leave us all undeniably better for his leadership, contributions, wisdom and friendship. His legacy is one that will endure for many years to come, particularly in the form of a generation of leaders in our industry whose lives and careers were so profoundly influenced by Buddy’s sage tutelage and guidance.

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