Morbark hosts 10th Demo Days event

Morbark, LLC, welcomed about 250 customers, members of its authorized dealer network, and other guests from around the world for its 10th Demo Days event on October 13-14.

Morbark’s Demo Days give attendees the opportunity to not only watch the equipment in action, but also meet the people who build and support the equipment as they see firsthand the manufacturing processes utilized. Events included factory tours, networking opportunities, vendor booths, and a chance to see the equipment up close, as well as try out Morbark’s Boxer® line of compact utility loaders.

The event culminated with demonstrations of the following equipment for the forestry, biomass, recycling and tree care markets:

  • HT1042 slow speed shredder — shown at Morbark’s electric test panel;
  • 3200 Electric Wood Hog horizontal grinder — shown at Morbark’s electric test panel;
  • 3200 Track Wood Hog horizontal grinder;
  • 223 Flail;
  • 23 Chiparvestor®;
  • 30/36 NCL whole tree drum chipper;
  • 40/36 NCL whole tree microchipper;
  • Beever ™ M12R chipper;
  • Beever ™ M18R chipper;
  • Beever ™ M20R chipper with loader;
  • 6600 Track Wood Hog horizontal grinder; and the
  • ˜1300B tub grinder


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