Morbak Vtection System offers added protection from catastrophic hammermill damage

Morbak Vtection System offers added protection from catastrophic hammermill damage

Patent-pending vibration detection system now an option on Morbark 3000X, 3400X, and 6400X series Wood Hog horizontal grinders

Morbark recently introduced a new, patent-pending VTECTION® System option for their 3000, 3400, and 6400 series Wood Hog horizontal grinders. The VTECTION system monitors rotor vibration to reduce damage from contact with contaminates or other causes of damaging vibration like an out-of-balance rotor, broken insert, defective bearing, or extremely hard wood. When coupled with Morbark’s break-away torque limiter, these devices provide customers with the best solution in the industry for hammermill protection.

To use the VTECTION system, the operator sets an acceptable operating vibration level through the electronic controller. Since different feedstocks produce different vibration levels, the operator can quickly fine-tune the trip point to match the grinding application. Adjusting the trip point based on the feedstock can help avoid unnecessary stopping of the infeed from normal operating vibration.

If a contaminant object enters the grinding chamber while in grinding protection mode, the VTECTION system will sense the spike in vibration or trip point and instantly stop and reverse the infeed conveyor. By reversing the infeed conveyor, the VTECTION system lowers the rotor’s chance of repeatedly striking the foreign object.

Once the VTECTION system is triggered, Morbark’s Integrated Control System (MICS) initiates several actions to remove the tramp material out of the rotor area. The sequence of these actions includes: reversing and stopping the infeed, bringing the engine speed to idle, disengaging the clutch, and a warning message is displayed on the MICS screen. At this time, the operator can inspect the grinder and remove the object that caused the trip point before resuming operation.

This system cannot guarantee a machine is without defect. Please use caution after the system trips and service work begins, as other components may have experienced damage.

Ship-out kits are available for in-field installations on preexisting 3000X, 3400X, and 6400X horizontal grinders. Please contact Morbark sales at 800.831.0042 or your local Morbark dealer ( for additional information and pricing.

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