• Metso receives orders for seven M&J waste shredders in China

    Metso has received orders to supply a total of seven M&J 4000S waste shedders to three waste incineration customers in China. The 4000 shredder series meets the special needs of extremely varied incoming material. The orders are booked to Metso’s third quarter 2018 orders received and will be delivered in the first quarter of 2019.

    The new shredders will operate in the Zhejihang, Jiangsu and Xinjiang provinces.

    “We are very proud that high-profile waste incineration companies in China are relying on our proven shredding technology, which is based on powerful and tailored knife designs and open cutting tables. These distinct technical advantages benefit customers who need a robust, high-capacity shredder for continuous use at a high run rate, even with hard and abrasive materials,” said Ou Zeng, Metso’s sales manager for waste recycling products in China. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016 – 2020), China has decided to strengthen its efforts to improve the quality of the environment and enhance environmental governance. Goals for waste treatment are 95 percent for urban areas and 90 percent for rural areas. Efforts will also focus on enhancing infrastructure, with sewage treatment available in all counties and major towns by 2020.

    An extensive range of services supports Metso shredders in China

    Currently, more than 70 Metso waste shredders are in operation in China. Globally, more than 800 Metso shredders are contributing to waste recycling processes.

    The comprehensive waste recycling product range, covering pre- and fine-shredding technologies, is supported by an extensive scope of services from Metso. For example, customers can benefit from parts services to maximize value by having the right parts at the right time. Metso also offers field service agreements that can be tailored to the customer’s needs. With Metso’s preventive maintenance services, the target is to improve the performance of the installed equipment.

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