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Metso Outotec strengthens its MD series with compact-size Low Rider pumps for easy replacements

Metso Outotec is complementing its MD pump series with compact MD Low Rider pumps designed for easy replacements and upgrades. The new cost-efficient pump range is targeted especially for installations with limited space.

“I am happy to see this new addition to our offering of Planet Positive MD series pumps. With its reduced mechanical footprint, the MD Low Rider is a perfect replacement for any pump type or make. It can be installed at a fraction of the usual site modification cost and complexity,” explains Timo Torvinen, Vice President of Pumps Business & Product Management at Metso Outotec.
The Metso Outotec MD Low Rider series covers sizes from MD400 to MD700, in high chrome and rubber options.
All MD Low Rider pumps are designed to use the existing hydraulic components with a newer and shorter drive end.
Benefits of the Metso Outotec MD Low Rider pumps
  • Cost-efficient alternative for pump replacements with limited space
  • Designed to fit the footprint of an existing installation
  • Reduced weight due to reduction in height and length of the drive end, allows for complete pump change-outs
  • Safer handling of the whole pump during change-outs
  • Utilizes the proven MD hydraulics and wet-end components
Read more about Metso Outotec MD Low Rider pump range on our website.


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