Metso Outotec launches high-capacity Larox ® FFP3716 filter for sustainable tailings filtration

Metso Outotec launches high-capacity Larox ® FFP3716 filter for sustainable tailings filtration

Metso Outotec is introducing a new high-capacity filter for demanding tailings applications. Extending the product family line of the FFP filters, the new Larox®FFP3716 filter comes with compact plate pack design and smart automation, redefining the overall standard in reliability, capacity and safety in tailings filtration. Combined with Metso Outotec’s optimized filtration plant design, the FFP3716 filter offers a reliable and cost-efficient long term solution for tailings management even in challenging environments.

”Responsible usage of water in the mining industry is the primary driver for increasing interest in tailings dewatering. At Metso Outotec, our goal is to provide holistic tailings management solutions by bringing a step change in the way we view, handle, and manage tailings,” says Geoff Foster, Head of tailings filtration a Metso Outotec. ”Backed by proven technology and industrial knowledge, our efficient dewatering solutions help in maximizing water recovery and reuse. The Larox® FFP3716 filter represents the most advanced technology currently available for safe and efficient dewatering.”

High filtration volume with optimum plate pack design

With substantial increase in total filtration volume, the Larox® FFP3716 uses the most optimum plate pack design leading to reduced wear on plate pack and cloth components along with ease operation and spares holding. The new design of the closing and sealing mechanism with individual controlled sealing cylinders ensures squared plate pack at any time, resulting in long lifetime of the pack. The FFP3716 filter has been designed from bottom to top with optimal safety in mind.

Technical features of the Larox FFP3716® filter

  • 2000m² filtration area
  • 44m³ chamber volume
  • Up to 16 bars operating pressure
  • Smart hydraulic system
  • Readiness for remote production Application support

Find out more about Larox® FFP3716 filter on our website.

Register to the webinar

On November 17 Metso Outotec will host two free webinars where the Larox® FFP3716 filter be presented in more detail.

You can register to the webinars here:

Option 1 November 17 at 10:00 a.m. EET

Option 2  November 17 at 4:00 p.m. EET

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