• Meet the 14-year-old business owner and excavator operator committed to building tomorrow

    Meet the 14-year-old business owner and excavator operator committed to building tomorrow

    A three-part video series from Volvo CE shows how a teenage entrepreneur and demolition business owner is paving the way for construction’s next generation.

    Fourteen-year-old Lance Matheson isn’t your typical teenager. He runs his own demolition company, Sage Demolition and Land Clearing, near Salt Lake City, UT, with help from his family. As Baby Boomers retire and skilled trades struggle to come back from the recession of the late 2000s, Matheson is setting an example for his peers of how rewarding it can be to get into the construction industry. And to Volvo, he symbolizes the visionary, get-it-done attitude it takes when you’re building tomorrow.

    “A lot of people my age use their free time to play video games or stuff like that. I use that time to develop a skill that I can use for the rest of my life,” Matheson said.

    When it comes to building tomorrow, any one at any age can take part – sometimes we just need to see it to believe it. To that end, Volvo is showcasing Matheson and his passion for the construction business in a new three-part video series.

    Building the Business

    Matheson’s dad is in the construction/recycling industry, so Matheson grew up around – and inside – equipment since before he could walk. He demolished his first house at age 12 and carries a state-issued engineering/demolition license (E-100) and general contractor’s license (B-100). His ambition, along with advice and guidance from key mentors along the way, led him to incorporate his own company. With an ongoing focus on new technologies and an understanding of the value of innovative equipment – plus YouTube videos that help him hone his operating skills – Matheson has successfully completed multiple jobs and is building lasting relationships with his customers.

    “Working with Lance really isn’t any different than working with any other contractor,” said Tracy Gale, sales representative at Volvo dealer Arnold Machinery. “In fact, when I talk to him on the phone, it’s kind of hard to discern that he actually is 14 years old. He talks like an adult. He speaks to me like we’ve known each other for 20 years – we’re kind of tight like that.”

    “Lance is a great example of the imagination and hard work it takes to start and grow a successful company at any age. His story resonates with us at Volvo because he’s living our Building Tomorrow message,” said Dave Foster, vice president, marketing & communications. “Everyone is right – he may only be 14, but you’d never know it to hear him talk about his business and future aspirations.”

    Matheson is a great representative of the construction industry’s next generation. You can watch the three-part series about him here:

    Video 1   / Video 2  /  Video 3

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