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McGill Fairless Hills, PA regional composting facility: Site construction passes the 50% mark – on schedule for Q1 ’24 completion.

McGill’s commitment to innovation in organic waste material management continues to be on display in the development of the company’s newest facility, located in Fairless Hills, PA. This fully enclosed facility recently passed the 50% mark in site construction and remains on schedule to begin operations in Q1 2024.

A Glimpse into Progress

With the exterior walls of the facility completed and standing tall, the groundwork has now been laid for the transformational processes which will take place within.  Passing the 50% completion mark, focus has shifted to crafting the internals of the plant.  Penn Valley Constructors is the construction management firm tasked with overseeing and facilitating the construction of this site and has been a tremendous partner.

Opening Doors – Extending Invitations

Site construction has progressed so rapidly that at the beginning of August, site visits were conducted with some of the top customers who will utilize McGill’s capabilities to transform organic residuals into premium compost products at Fairless Hill.  The customers were able to see firsthand McGill’s capability to process organic residuals into premium compost products.

Prepping Operations

As construction progresses, McGill has begun the hiring process for critical roles to staff the Fairless Hills facility.  McGill is excited to announce that Geary Hower was recently hired to serve as the Plant Manager.  Mr. Hower will be working to get on-the-ground training at other McGill sites and will soon build out his operating team. McGill will thoroughly train the operations team prior to the site opening, so that the scale-up process is seamless to our customers.

Looking to the Future

Going into 2024, McGill is excited to complete the final stages of construction, operations, and start to offer their branded line of premium compost products to the regional landscaping, turf management, golf, agricultural, and sports field management industries.

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