• MB Crusher units transform the “little ones” of the yard into effective solutions for complex problems

    MB Crusher units transform the “little ones” of the yard into effective solutions for complex problems

    For companies that deal with road work, urban construction sites, trenching, recycling, agriculture, foundries, quarries and mines, the task of managing the main work falls to the excavators. It’s time to change this practice. MB Crusher can help transform skid steers and backhoe loaders into powerful machines capable of handling demanding jobs and still save time and money. It can also benefit the environment.

    MB Crusher’s ultimate goal is to transform any machine of any size into a powerful crusher or screener. 

    MB equipment can hook up to any brand of skid steer, loader or backhoe loader from 2.4 to 25 tons. The mechanics are innovative and the operation is simple: they allow you to crush and screen any material for immediate reuse or sale.

    Equipment can be upgraded by reducing or screening demolition or excavation material, selecting ferrous foundry scraps, processing and reusing waste or screening earthy materials for agricultural uses and landscaping projects. 

    The benefits are countless. The MB Crusher units can transform waste into reusable material, which means saving on hauling expenses, avoiding landfills or specialized treatment centers — saving on purchasing aggregate material, hiring operators and long working hours.

    The benefits are important for the environment and nearby urban areas in the  reduction of dust and emissions, lower truck traffic, less noise and faster job execution.

    MB Crusher’s mission is to transform waste into reusable material. For a number of different applications. For example, in Bolivia, a crusher bucket and a skid steer have given new purpose to urban demolition waste.

    And a company in Spain has transformed inert material from a trenching job, by recycling it on the site they have eliminated the cost of transportation and purchase of backfill material.

    The small MB Crusher line has also been used in foundries for the selection of ferrous waste or crushing slag. With outstanding time and cost savings.

    In the United States, a construction site on a volcanic hill had the mandate to demolish a large structure with concrete pillars, floors and walls. Access to the area was limited, unsafe and with limited room for maneuvering. With the MB-L140 crusher installed on a Kubota skid-steer, the company crushed the demo waste and used the crushed concrete as backfill for the construction of a new road to better access the job site. What was the economic outcome? A 50% savings on the purchase of new material.

    Because MB Crushers guarantee effective and economic disposal and recycling of waste, all the resulting material – inert, ferrous, stony, earthy, organic, and dry – can be treated and selected without passing through landfills. Institutions can also benefit from managing solid urban waste. For example, a municipality in Normandy, France, installed the MB-LS170 screening bucket on a backhoe to screen and select the waste collected by street sweepers such as wood, plastic, and cans; with no additional costs, faster waste disposal, and less impact on the environment.  

    The case sodic soils in Australia is a classic example of innovative solutions for agriculture. Millions of hectares were deemed unstable, with losses estimated in the of billions. The solution was to use gypsum to counteract the clay and promote the drainage. By using an MB-L140 crusher bucket mounted on an ASV RT unit, the gypsum rocks were reduced to fragments that mineralized the soil and made crops possible, avoiding disaster.

    Since all MB Crusher machines share a quick and simple installation there is no need for specialized personnel. In fact, the crushers use the operating machine’s hydraulic system. Management and maintenance can be performed directly on-site by the operator without needing specialized personnel.

    Just visit www.mbcrusher.com or follow the company’s social channels, or contact them directly.

    MB Crusher has a solution for everyone.

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