Materials recovery facility incorporates MicroCool’s eco-friendly water mist to reduce dust and odors

Athens Services cutting-edge recycling and waste handling facility in Sun Valley, CA has chosen MicroCool for water based fog systems that minimize dust and odors. The facility incorporates a system that automatically disperses water fog as trucks enter or exit the building. Additional fog nozzles are located near exhaust points so that dust and odors are minimized in the exiting air stream.

MicroCool’s integrated pump and nozzle solution releases a 10 micron atomized water fog that captures dust at the point of origin before it becomes airborne. The resulting heavier density water droplets fall to the ground for collection and disposal without wetting flooring surfaces.

In addition to MicroCool’s patented ROC stainless steel fog nozzles (that are easily hand adjustable) a custom programmed control panel handles various mist zones, multiple programmed on/off cycles, and controls the use of hygrometers that activate humidity level set points.

Eco-friendly features of the system include an energy efficient variable frequency drive (VFD), which uses a fraction of the electricity, required of a conventional pump. The high-pressure fog system does not require the additional resources essential for compressed air technologies and uses a very small amount of water to generate microscopic mist. And, no harsh chemicals or toxic materials are used to mask unpleasant odors. Instead, MicroCool utilizes an odor neutralizer to completely absorb and eliminate odors. The non-toxic, eco-friendly botanical extracts have undergone extensive tests and provide a safe and earth-friendly solution.

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