Martin Engineering CleanScrape Cleaners

Martin Engineering CleanScrape Cleaners

The CleanScrape® Cleaner is an innovative, durable metal-tipped belt cleaner that provides maximum cleaning efficiency without compromising your belt.

You can use the CleanScrape® Cleaner with both mechanical and vulcanized splices because of its durable tungsten carbide tips, which are available in multiple grades of carbide to match your application.

CleanScrape® is a proven solution, providing long-running, highly effective belt cleaning performance while requiring minimal maintenance in major bulk materials handling industries around the world.

The CleanScrape® Cleaner is mounted diagonally on the discharge pulley and forms a three-dimensional curve. The cleaner has a matrix of tungsten carbide scrapers incorporated into the main rubber body during the vulcanization process. Despite a relatively low contact pressure between the belt and cleaner 85 to 95% of the adhering material is removed.





Carbide Blade Selection








For more technical data, see the CleanScrape® data sheet.



CleanScrape® offers a broad range of advantages over traditional belt cleaning systems and provides a clear return on investment for any operation.
Optimum cleaning results Suitable for use with all types of mechanical splices
Simple installation Ratio of cleaner length to belt width 1.2 : 1
Lowest required space for installation Long life expectancy
Lowest consumption of belt energy Low maintenance
Removed materials return to main flow Best value for money
Low wear to the belt Low life-cycle costs
Low wear to the cleaner Suitable for use in explosive atmospheres
Suitable for all belt speeds up to 780 fpm (4 m/s) Suitable for use with reversing belts


Check out a video of the CleanScrape® Cleaner in action.


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