MAC Equipment, LLC hosts Mobile Barrier demo

MAC Equipment, LLC of Albany, NY recently held a demonstration of Mobile Barriers MBT-1 mobile protection unit, inviting local road contractors, NY DOT representatives and the NY Thruway Authority to come and learn about this innovative piece of safety equipment. MAC Equipment has been providing sales, rentals and service of construction equipment since 2001 and with a good amount of their clients working in road construction and repair, adding the MBT-1 seemed like a natural progression for their inventory.

The Mobile Barrier is just that. It is self contained, mobile and expandable, eliminating the need for Jersey barriers and the additional time and expense that comes along with adding those into contract proposals.

The standard traveling configuration consists of two ends and the transportation block, which is removed to insert the expansion sections. It has a fifth wheel hitch on both ends to facilitate interchangeable left/right configurations, which also allows the tractor and caboose to be switched.

The additional sections are transported on the unit held secure with tie-down strapping. Towed behind a semi, the modular unit includes onboard power via a generator, lighting, storage, fixed pneumatic lines and outlets for both 240 and 120V. Sections are available in 10- or 20-foot lengths. Rob Miller of MAC Equipment easily added a 20-foot section with a standard size fork lift and a couple of co-workers, although on the road, a boom or crane could be used.

The work side of the barrier is angled at the ends — making a “well” to contain the workers and the traffic side of the barrier is flat and capable of deflecting vehicles away from the work zone if a collision should occur.

Representatives from D.A. Collins/Kubricky Construction were especially impressed and are looking forward to their first opportunity to try out the barrier on the road, stating that from what they saw, the safety factor with the MBT-1 was “huge.”

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