• Lone Star Drills’ LST1G+HDA offers depth control with automatic hammer

    LIVINGSTON, TEXAS — The Lone Star LST1G+HDA Geotechnical Drill from Little Beaver provides engineers and soil technicians with a precise and easy to operate drilling solution for standard penetration tests and soil sampling in nearly any soil. Lone Star designed the drill to address the growing demand for automatic hammers that deliver improved depth control compared to manual hammers. The LST1G+HDA comes standard with a 140-pound automatic safety hammer. The heavy duty rig is mounted on an easily maneuverable, single axle trailer that can be towed behind a small or standard sized truck.

    “Automatic hammers help to ensure accurate depth control compared to manual hammers. This has even led some states and jurisdictions to require automatic hammers for conducting standard penetration tests,” said Joe Haynes, Little Beaver president. “The LST1G+HDA eliminates user error and makes it easy for drill operators of any experience level to take samples quickly and accurately.”

    The LST1G+HDA is capable of drilling 6-inch boreholes down to 100-feet. The versatile drill can also be used with Little Beaver’s split spoon samplers and AWJ drilling rod for obtaining core samples or conducting geo-technical testing and environmental soil sampling.

    Little Beaver offers a wealth of auger options to adapt to varying applications. Solid stem augers are available in 3 to 8-inch diameters and hollow stem augers are available in 6 and 8-inch diameters. The hollow stem augers, which can drill to 60-feet, feature a 2.75 or 3.75-inch internal diameter for collecting samples without the risk of contamination from surrounding soil. The LST1G+HDA’s standard configuration allows for dry auger boring with the use of a solid or hollow stem auger. The drill is also capable of mud rotary boring using an optional mud pump, swivel and bit.

    The drill’s bypass flow control system allows the operator to make simple adjustments to achieve and maintain ideal push-down force when drilling in challenging conditions. Additionally, an optional anchor kit enables the LST1G+HDA to deliver push down force up to 8,500-pounds, far exceeding the weight of the trailer. The drill is also capable of an 8,500-pound lifting capacity for the hassle free removal of augers and extensions. The hinged shuttle plate provides easy access to the bore hole by allowing the operator to swing the rotary out of the way.

    A 27 hp Kohler EFI gas engine powers the drill, which includes a powerful 3,000 psi hydraulic system. The drill’s 12.5 gpm hydraulic power pack achieves a rotary speed of 100 rpm. The system also provides the drill’s hydraulic winch with 1,500-pounds of pull for raising the automatic hammer.

    Little Beaver designed the LST1G+HDA for longevity and ease of use. The frame, rotary and swivel are constructed of high strength welded steel for enhanced durability, and all crucial maintenance and greasing points are easily accessible.

    The 3,000-pound unit is mounted on a rugged yet lightweight single axle trailer equipped with a 2-inch hitch, leveling jacks and spare tire. For improved maneuverability, Little Beaver offers a specially designed frame for mounting the unit to a one ton flatbed truck.

    The LST1G+HDA can be shipped fully assembled in a 20-foot container by standard truck or overseas. The drill comes with assembly tools for fast and easy setup.

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