Loftness introduces Battle Ax™ mulching attachment for skid steers

Loftness introduces Battle Ax™ mulching attachment for skid steers

HECTOR, MN — Loftness has introduced new models of its Battle Ax™ horizontal drum mulcher designed specifically for skid steers. Featuring a new rotor, tooth design and exclusive two-stage cutting chamber, the heavy-duty Battle Ax is designed for highly efficient vegetation management, including right-of-way maintenance, land clearing, forestry applications and more.

The Battle Ax is available with 61- and 71-inch cutting widths for skid steers with 50 to 120 hydraulic hp. Its 17-inch-diameter rotor features built-in depth gauges, which function similar to raker teeth on chainsaws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. This unique design is more ideal for managing the amount of material being fed into the attachment than competitive ring-style rotors, which many operators find to be overly limiting.

The Battle Ax rotor is optimized for use with all cutting tooth styles. Customers can choose from Quadco planer blades, hard-surface Quadco blades and carbide teeth. The cutting teeth are mounted to the rotor with a single hex bolt for easy removal on the jobsite.

To further maximize performance, the Battle Ax features a two-stage cutting chamber, which allows material to be cut twice by the rotor and helps produce some of the smallest particle sizes in the industry. The primary shear bar is adjustable for customizing particle size.

The Battle Ax is available with two hydraulic motor options. A fixed-displacement gear motor operates at a constant RPM that provides an optimal balance between speed and torque. Customers may also choose a variable-displacement piston motor, which automatically shifts the rotor RPM from the highest speed to a lower range for increased torque as needed. The piston motor results in less stalling and a shorter recovery time, helping operators to concentrate on the job instead of power settings and continuous head repositioning.

Other standard features include universal skid-steer mounting, premium strength steel housing, adjustable skid shoes from 0.5 inches to -1.5 inches for below-grade mulching, a machined anti-wrap bearing protector, an adjustable push bar with welded claw hooks, an integrated pressure gauge and a staggered tooth pattern to ensure single-tooth contact with the work surface at all times.

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