• Lippmann-Milwaukee Inc. announces executive changes

    Lippmann experienced a tremendous loss when Robert Turner passed away in September after a courageous battle with cancer. Robert joined Lippmann-Milwaukee in 1990 as VP of sales. He was appointed President in 1998.

    Robert ran the business with a goal of offering superior customer service as well as the highest quality product in the industry. The company has grown exponentially under the leadership of Mr. Turner.

    Robert leaves behind a company second to none. He developed a culture focused on customer satisfaction, quality, and building long-term relationships. That spirit will continue in his honor.

    Lippmann will continue to move forward as a family-owned business under the same values and standards as Robert established over the last 27 years. His greatest legacy is the talent and commitment of the team he developed. We will honor Robert by continuing his passion and drive for Lippmann.

    Lippmann-Milwaukee Inc. recently announced the appointment of Kerry Turner as their new CEO. She assumed responsibilities on Oct. 19, 2017 and succeeds Diane Gabriel. Lippmann-Milwaukee Inc. has also announced the appointment of Jaime Schultz as their president & CFO.

    She also assumed responsibilities on Oct. 19 and succeeds Robert Turner. Diane Gabriel will remain active as the chairman of the Board of Directors. Gina Dathe, vp of human resources, and Kevin Kiesgen, VP of sales, will remain officers of the company.

    Lippmann will continue to be supported by their strong team of managers developed by Turner. The management team has a combined total of 123 years of service with the company and is dedicated to continuing the legacy. The management team consists of the following:

    • VP of HR – Gina Dathe (Officer)
    • VP of Sales – Kevin Kiesgen (Officer)
    • Engineering Manager – Jim Bremer
    • Supply Chain & Purchasing Manager – Mark Bullard
    • Field Service & Warranty Manager – Jeremy Kerber
    • CIO – Tom Neumann
    • Manufacturing Manager – Jeff Wagner

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