• Lindner Recyclingtech Polaris 2800: the core of the new ALBA Nordbaden plant

    Count on us

    As a certified waste management company with 230 employees ALBA Nordbaden has been offering a broad service portfolio in the areas of waste management, recycling and power supply for over 30 years and as CEO Robert Kassel pointed out, the new RDF plant perfectly suits the company’s core business and future challenges or as he put it: “Our clients can count on us.”

    For the first time the new RTF plant in Karlsruhe makes primary shredding possible and will produce up to 33,000 metric tons of refuse-derived fuel for power and cement plants in a year. The energy produced — with an ideally low energy input of less than 15 kilowatt hour per ton RDF — corresponds as referenced to the annual power consumption of 41,000 two-person households. The plant automatically separates and discharges recyclable plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as components containing chlorine using an overbelt magnet and near-infrared technology. The detection rate for ferrous and non-ferrous metals stands at 90 percent.

    Commissioned due to the best performance

    According to Rudolf Schwager from Lindner, who supported the development of the RDF plant, refuse-derived fuel greater than 80 mm is produced in the single-stage process. For this very purpose Lindner delivered and installed the Polaris 2800 shredder. The Polaris series was specifically developed for the single-stage production of RDF and was presented for the first time at the IFAT 2016 in Munich.

    As specifically requested by ALBA Nordbaden in their call for projects the shredder should be able to process 20 metric tons of input material an hour. At the Austrian producer’s service demonstration the Polaris 2800 exceeded the requirements by over 15 percent (more than 23 tons) and the contract was subsequently awarded.

    “We were better than our competitors and won the bid,” said Rudolf Schwager, pleased about the success. Within three days the system was integrated into the new RTF plant and ALBA Nordbaden’s Operational Excellence Manager, Joachim Wunsch, who was very impressed with the live demonstration, can also confirm that the Polaris runs extremely steadily and reliably.

    For more information, visit www.l-rt.com or www.alba-nordbaden.de.

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