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Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator saves grease while working faster and safer

HHN-MR-3-Lincoln001by Jon M. Casey

For equipment operators who need to maintain wire ropes on equipment like cranes, deck winches, hoists, remote operated vehicles or oil and gas rigs, the new Lincoln wire rope lubrication system (WRL), is the ideal tool. Lincoln’s WRL is designed to force lubricant into the wire rope core, offering longer service life, reduced friction and less heat generation for equipment operation. It applies and distributes the right amount of lubrication, eliminating waste.

Designed for harsh environments, the WRL’s robust design is easy to use on wire rope up to two inches in diameter. By applying the lube with steady, even force, the grease penetrates the wire saving lubrication time by 90 percent over manual application, and it does it safely as well.

The WRL is available in two application sizes. The smaller model accommodates wire from 7/16 to 1-inch while the large version fits wire from 1-1/8 to 2-inches.

Pump and accessory packages for the WRL currently come in three sizes: 35, 120 and 400-pounds. These packages include the Lincoln Series 20 50:1 grease pump, air filter, regulator, gauge, flow control, WRL sling with ratchet, grease quick disconnects and adapter fittings. One phone call and you can be ready to go!

For more information, contact Bob Dodge at Automation, Inc. 860 236-5991 or via email at .


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