Liberty Excavators, Inc. uses MD&B as their go-to drilling and blasting sub

Maine-Drilling-&-Blasting-PA-Carlis1le-site-003by Jon M. Casey

For Liberty Excavators, Inc., a Camp Hill, PA based site development contractor, Maine Drilling & Blasting is their go-to subcontractor when it comes to challenging drilling and blasting projects. According to Lester L. Gouffer, Jr., vice president of Liberty Excavators, MD&B has been one of their regular subs for the past three years or so. During that time, they have developed a relationship of trust and reliability that major contractors are seeking when it comes to working with subcontractors on a regular basis. The results have been impressive.

Gouffer credits MD&B for their diligence and professionalism in how they pursued Liberty Excavators in an effort to secure Liberty as a new customer. “Travis (Martzall ) and Todd (Barrett), but mostly Travis, kept calling on us to try MD&B for one of their blasting projects, and eventually, we agreed to give them an opportunity to do one of our smaller jobs. But over time, we gave them an opportunity to work on one of our largest and most difficult jobs, Reading Hospital, and they came through with flying colors.”

He said that it is very important to Liberty, to deal with companies that live up to what they have promised. This was and is the case with MD&B. “They are men of their word,” Gouffer said, referring to Travis and Todd from the Bethel, PA office. “We have a number of similar corporate values that we both believe in, (and that makes working together a pleasure.)

“We are in a competitive and dangerous business, so we try to partner with people that bring the same values to the table that we do,” he added. “We choose very carefully with whom we work because we are often subcontractors ourselves in some of these larger projects. So, when we have subcontractors working for us as well, they represent us on the jobsite. We have found that MD&B is an excellent partner in this kind of work.”

Gouffer said that Liberty is primarily a heavy site contractor, preparing construction projects like the distribution warehouses at Tremont, PA and another at Carlisle, PA. “The warehouse construction market in Pennsylvania is still very active and we have considerable experience in preparing those building sites. We have two of those in process.” At both projects, MD&B did the drilling and blasting. For more information on Liberty Excavators, Inc., visit their website at or give them a call at 717-761-8461.

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